When you open the door to see the mountains, leather shoes can be truly breathable and comfortable.


However, this can only be done by many regular shoe manufacturers in China. Many low -grade shoes, or are PU or PUV synthetic cloth. In terms of breathability and comfort, it cannot be guaranteed.

High -end shoes are used in the leather. Among them, the fine sheepskin and the head layer of cowhide are used a lot. These two types of skin touch are more delicate and soft, and the breathability is also very good.

How to judge the leather

It ’s just that there are so many types of leather shoes on the market. How can we judge that it uses dermis?


First, you can touch its texture. In the leather under normal circumstances, its leather is delicate and soft. But the synthetic leather will be a bit uncomfortable, and once it is exposed to the skin, it feels astringent.

The second is to judge through the taste. Just like our leather shoes, they choose water -dyed cowhide. They all use the whole water dyeing process. Plastic sense.

Why choose the leather shoes in the leather


Choose leather shoes made in the leather, and the price will be a bit more expensive. However, I still advise everyone to choose leather shoes in the leather.


First of all, in terms of comfort, it is directly contacted with the foot, and the softer the leather is first -class in terms of comfort. Secondly, in terms of breathability, good breathability shoes can avoid foot odor and effectively prevent fungal infection on the foot, especially in summer, the breathability is really important. Do n’t feel bored when you go out to run your customers everyday.

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