In order to give back the support of hundreds of millions of consumers for many years, Johnson & Johnson Group specially launched Johnson’s baby -free milk -free milk shower gel home clothing, which is a 1L X 2 value -for -money packaging, which is extremely cost -effective. Johnson & Johnson’s gentle tear -free milk shower gel combines high -tech, adding mild tear -free ingredients to make the baby bathed happily, without fear of foam to stimulate his eyes.

Product Efficacy: Johnson & Johnson’s gentle tear -free milk milk is natural and pure. The formula is rich in milk, pure rice, vitamin C and E, etc., full of nutrition, deep moisturizing the delicate skin of the baby, providing a layer of natural protective film. Mild tear -free formula can also protect the baby’s eyes from stimulation. Johnson & Johnson’s gentle tear -free milk shower gel family outfit is not only specially designed for babies, but also suitable for your family. It is very cost -effective!


User comments:

Johnson & Johnson’s mild tears without tear -free milk shower gel home is pretending to use? In this issue, the editor of Ai brought more than 3,600 consumers after use:

1. 35%of consumers are considered cost -effective after use;

2. 15%of consumers are considered genuine after use;

3. 14%of consumers think that the packaging is good after use;

4. 9%of consumers think that the smell is good after use;

5. 8%of consumers think that quality is good after use;

6. 6%of consumers think that the applicable population is wide after use;

7. 5%of consumers think that the shelf life is new after use;

8. 3%of consumers think that cost -effectiveness is high after use;

9. 3%of consumers think that the smell is average after use;

10. 2%of consumers think that safety is good after use.

Other observations:

The overall score of this Johnson & Johnson Baby Gentle Tears without Tears, Milk Gel, Shower Gel, is


4.8 points



Summary of the editor:

From the perspective of consumer evaluators, this Johnson & Babies is very affordable and good quality. The quality is very good. The quality is mildly moisturized, without irritation, and adults and children are applicable.




When bathing, take an appropriate amount of this product and knead the rich foam with a little water, then apply it to the whole body evenly, and finally wash it with water.


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