Why do good clothes feel good quality? In addition to good tailoring, the most important point is that the fabric must be excellent. Just like the woolen coat we common in autumn and winter, not only the fabrics make people feel high, but the warmth of the upper body is not said.

However, this winter woolen woolen coat will not be popular! “Cashmere coats” are currently popular. Not only do you feel good, the delicate cashmere fabrics will also flash a velvet smoothness in the sunlight, which is also the source of its high -level sense.


Cashmere coats are not only excellent in texture, warm, but also not easy to outdated. The classic design is also destined to have a certain collection value, which is also a item worth investing.

How do ordinary people choose a good cashmere coat? I am about the unknown secrets of cashmere coats from the style and tailoring today.

What are the common styles of cashmere coats?


Double -sided velvet shoulder sleeve cashmere coat


As can be seen from the figure above, the biggest feature of this kind of shoulder sleeves is that the shoulder line is integrated, and there is no segmentation at the sleeve, so the three -dimensional degree of the shoulder line is not high and it looks more loose. This cashmere coat is relatively loose, which is very suitable for some fat girls to wear, which is relatively highly inclusive, so it is not easy to show fat.


Double -sided velvet wire cashmere coat

This shoulder line is made more three -dimensional, especially the parts of the sleeve and shoulder connection. There will be an obvious connection line, so the shoulder is not easy to look soft. This design will be more stylish as a whole, so it will be very aura to wear, especially suitable for girls in the workplace, full of capacity.



Bathrobe double -sided cashmere


This kind of clothes are relatively loose, that is, a very loose sense, and then add a belt to the waist. The style of this bathrobe is relatively full of style, and it has a strong femininity to wear, but the three -dimensional feeling is not good, so it needs to be worn by a tall child.


NO.4 Twitter double -sided cashmere

This kind of cashmere coat is characterized by color stitching. Most of them are a unique color stitching at the neckline, which will cause the overall color system to cause a visual segmentation. At the same time, this stitching neckline can also weaken the inflation of the upper body and also have a certain modification effect.


Wind coat cashmere coat

This is an improved coat with a windbreaker style. It maintains the slimness and agility of the windbreaker in the design, so it is not so heavy to wear, plus good fabrics as support, so this cashmere coat is more daily.

Classic version of cashmere coat?

Generally speaking, the coat or windbreaker has these four classic types, type A, H, X, and 0/cocoon type. These four are the most classic and the least outdated version.


Type A cashmere coat


This version is the coat that is most similar to the skirt. Try to add a belt as much as possible, so as to highlight the characteristics of his A -character. However, this version of the coat should not choose too long styles, otherwise the design of A -shaped is not obvious. He is more suitable for some girls who are not tall, and the skeleton is also relatively small to wear, which is more ingenious.

H version cashmere coat


The version of this coat is the shape of a H, and the effect is the same as the same as. Therefore, the line feeling is the most three -dimensional, and it is also the easiest version to wear. This is very suitable for girls who are fat, thin and high.

Cocoon cashmere coat


The characteristic of this coat is that the lines are very weak, and the overall design looks round, so it has a casual taste to wear. But because it is very large, it is more suitable for girls with tall children, otherwise they can’t support such a wide version.

X version coat

This coat is the most suitable coat for Asian women. The version is not fat or thin. Coupled with the slimming effect of the belt, the overall aura is very free and easy. Coupled with the fit, it doesn’t look hypertrophy to wear, even if it is a girl with a low child, it will be very aura.

About the maintenance of cashmere coats

Cashmere coat is a nobleman in the coat. Although it looks good, it is difficult to take care of it. After we bought it, how can we make him a follow -up maintenance.


① Cashmere is easy to get the ball, so when we start the ball in the cashmere coat, try to use a special sticky wool or soft brush to clean the coat ball.


② After passing through, if you do not dirty, you must use an iron to blast the clothes and put it in a special dust bag to extend the life of the cashmere coat.


③ Do not wash cashmere coats, processed properly, the coat will shrink. For conditions, please take it to the dry cleaner to clean and maintain.


The high -level sense of autumn and winter, then it must be after you have a cashmere coat. If you want a cashmere coat that fit and looks good, it is better to look at the selection and matching rules shared today, simple and practical is very expensive!

Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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