For flowers that are completely withered in the ground in winter, water can be completely stopped in winter.

For flowers that are still afraid of cold in winter, they still have to water, but they have to be watering less.And it is best not to pour through. As long as the leaves are not dry, the amount of watering must be ensured that the pot soil can be dried soon. Otherwise, once the sudden cooling, or the cold wave, the pot soil is very moist, the temperature of the soil is naturally naturalIt will also be lower, or even freeze, and the root system is easily frostbite.

In the past, I felt that the Fusang flowers were very diligent and could continue to bloom throughout the year, but only after raising the Fragrant vine, I found that the goods were more powerful.

After blooming in spring, it has been full of flowers every day. The picture above is the Fragrant vine of Hua Niang’s family. Although it is now late autumn, the temperature of Hua Niang is still hovering up and down at 25 degrees, and this temperature may continue until the end of October, so the Fuxiang vine in Hua Niang’s family is still full of buds.

But it is undeniable that the vine is afraid of cold. It is estimated that many flower buddies sometimes have the state of yellow leaves in the north?

So how should we escort the incense vine in winter?

飘香藤最怕冷 10月后养护注意两点轻松越冬明年又是一开花战斗机

Except for winter, Fragrant vines are really very skinny flowers and are basically not sick. Anyway, Hua Niang’s Fragrant vine will have no pests and insect pests except that there will be leaves in summer (do not affect flowering).

The only disadvantage is that they are afraid of cold. Fragrant vines are a kind of warmth plant. Its cold resistance is not strong. The most suitable growth temperature is between 20-31 ° C. As long as the branches and root systems are not frostbite, the spring will be warm in the next year, and the new leaves will grow on their own.

飘香藤最怕冷 10月后养护注意两点轻松越冬明年又是一开花战斗机

Therefore, the most important job of maintaining Piacanusto in winter is to prevent freezing frozen

It is best to provide it with a warm place. The temperature is maintained at 10-15 degrees.

飘香藤最怕冷 10月后养护注意两点轻松越冬明年又是一开花战斗机

But to be honest, such a temperature can only be achieved in the north, and it is basically difficult to achieve in the south. There is no heating in winter, and there is basically no temperature difference between indoor and outdoor except that there is no cold wind directly.

The city where Hua Niang is located will basically have a frozen rain in winter, and the temperature will have a short 2-5 degrees, but Hua Niang’s Fragrant vine can still save winter. Today, Hua Niang will talk about her way of overwintering.

In addition to the office building of the south, air -conditioning will be turned on all day. Generally, ordinary families will rarely turn on air conditioners to warm. If it is too cold, it will only have a small heater in a small area.

It is absolutely diligent in raising flowers. In the case of incompetence whether it is summer or winter, it often moves out and moves. In that winter, the winter in the south is not cold, and the temperature changes will be relatively large. Sometimes it will be warm, more than ten degrees, or even twenty degrees. Of course, this is aimed at the situation where Hua Niang is located.

But sometimes the cold wave comes, and the temperature will be dropped to less than 5 degrees at once, and there will even be minus 2-5 degrees. In general, the temperature of Hua Niang is very “naughty”. Today we wear stockings and skirts. , Tomorrow can let you wear cotton jackets immediately.

So I raise flowers in winter, especially what Fusang flowers, floating vines, jasmine, etc.

When the sun comes out, you must move out to bask in the sun, the storage point energy, and then wait until the cooling is cooled and moved in again.

飘香藤最怕冷 10月后养护注意两点轻松越冬明年又是一开花战斗机

In fact, as long as it is not a long -term zero degree in winter, it is basically maintained at 5 degrees. Although it cannot guarantee that the vine can continue to grow, it will not be frostbite.

飘香藤最怕冷 10月后养护注意两点轻松越冬明年又是一开花战斗机

In the days of the cold wave, if you are really not assured, you can put a bag of flowers to keep it insulated and anti -freezing. Now there are special anti -freezing hoods for flowers in winter.

In addition to external warmth work, wanting to overwinter easily, the control of water and fertilizer is also very important!

You need to say more. As long as your floating vine does not grow normally and dormant, the demand for fat is naturally reduced to the minimum value, so except for the northern place in the north, you can apply normally. Don’t toss, stop all fertilization work.

As for watering, it has always been a simple and complicated thing. People who can raise them have never been a matter of water. However, for flower buds without much experience, watering may become a weapon.

As long as the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it will basically stop growing, and the consumption of water and fertilizer will become particularly slow. Therefore, in winter, you must learn water control for flowers.

飘香藤最怕冷 10月后养护注意两点轻松越冬明年又是一开花战斗机

Hua Niang’s experience is:

The watering time is also particular. When watering, you should pay attention to two points:

1. The first wait until the leaves of the plant began to appear slightly water -deficient beating (the leaves became thinner, and they were not spiritual), which indicated that it was thirsty;

2. It is best to water at noon with the sun in winter. Do not water it in the evening. At night, the temperature of the pot is too full of water. It is easy to produce frostbite.

All in all, in the winter, we must maintain a few points: Do not blow cold wind, be frosty, sun -exposed the sun; apply less fertilizer or not fertilize; reduce watering and keep the pot soil dry and dry.

Well, let’s share it here today, pay attention to Hua Niang, and learn more about flower maintenance skills!

The above text is original by Hua Niang, and the reprint is prohibited!

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