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Yunnan Net News (Reporter Liu Jie) On September 22, at the commendation meeting of the “Top Ten Famous Products” in Yunnan Province, the colorful Yunnan Qingyu Xiangxiang Baishan Baiwei Zhengshan Ancient Tree Pu’er Tea (raw tea) once again won the “Top 10 famous names The “honor of tea”, at the same time, the colorful Yunnan Qingyu Xiang Tea Company once again won the honorary medal of “20 Better Innovative Enterprises” of Green Food in Yunnan Province.


In June of this year, under the overall overall planning of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, in 2020, the “Top Ten Famous Products” selection activities in Yunnan Province started. According to the three levels of the county, the state, the province, the four dimensions, and the 25 strict evaluation indicators, the activities of the five key industries such as tea, flowers, vegetables, fruits and nuts, and traditional Chinese medicinal materials from tens of thousands The enterprise was selected, and on September 22, the “10 famous tea”, “10 famous flowers”, “10 famous fruits” and “10 major medicinal materials” of the award -winning enterprise were awarded the award -winning enterprise And honor medal.

Colorful Yunnan Qingyu Xiangbai Mountain Baiwei Zhengshan Ancient Tree Pu’er Tea (raw tea) has become the only ancient tree tea series products on the list with strong product quality and good market reputation. The benchmark of Pu’er Tea Yishan blindly, which has been recognized by relevant departments and consumers in many aspects of strict standards, research and development innovation, product quality and brand cultural development; The consolidation foundation of the entire industry chain also stood out from a hundred tea companies, and won the “20 best innovative enterprises”.

The “Top Ten Famous Tea” awards are recognition and encouragement of our famous tea and brand work work. It also strives for our next step in the next step to achieve strong competitiveness and greater influence into new momentum. In the future, we will come in the future. It will continue to be the example of integrity and law, to be an explorer of innovative development, the practitioner of brand development, and continue to play a greater role in the development of the brand of Yunnan tea industry. ” Say at the commendation meeting.

It is reported that in order to allow consumers to drink the ancient tree tea of ​​”true”, the colorful Yunnan Qingyu Xiang also joined hands with the national authority to establish the “Ancient Tree Tea Enterprise Standards”. A detail is established into an ancient tree tea information file, which enters 37 identity information, giving each cake tea a yard, and ingenuity shaping the true flavor of each ancient tree.

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