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If the spring boys want to wear light age and reduce their age and show their elegant and stylish tempera The private server style can give us some inspiration. He uses white stitching khaki casual jacket with white casual pants, the hat echo the color of the bag, the overall shape is light and stylish, casual and comfortable, handsome and stylish.

Li Yifeng’s stitching jacket, khaki and white belong to the classic color system. The two color stitching combinations present a very different effect, very clean and light, and the overall fashion reduction, but not as monotonous as white. Khaki showed a high -level atmosphere. The design of the cuffs and waist waist makes this jacket not afraid of cold in the early spring season. At the same time, the waist design makes this coat look simple, comfortable and casual, but also reducing age to highlight affinity.

Li Yifeng’s lower body is paired with a pair of white casual pants. This type of pants is particularly tolerant. Due to the loose version, the material is relatively smooth, it is very helpful to stretch the legs visually. The black printed logo as the embellishment makes this white casual pants look cleaner and refreshing. It is easy to use with canvas flat shoes, which is simple and generous, but also reveals the natural lightness of Li Yifeng.


Li Yifeng’s set of stitching jackets and white casual pants is a very practical choice in early spring. The simple color combination of white and khaki, coupled with light and soft materials, can perfectly present fashion and casualness.


Well, gather stars fashion wear, learn to do fashion matching experts. In this issue of Li Yifeng’s private clothes, I will share it here for everyone. Thank you for your reading. Everyone is welcome to pay attention and leave a message to exchange fashion matching together.

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