The flat machine uses the scraper to flatten the earthmaker. The scraper is installed between the axle of the mechanical front and rear, which can lift, tilt, rotate and extension. The action is flexible and accurate, easy to manipulate, and has a high accuracy of the flat venue. It is suitable for building roads and pavement, sloping slopes, excavation and grooves. Conservation of gravel roads. The flat -ground machine is the main machine for plastic surgery in earthwork projects, and is widely used in large -scale ground flat operations such as highways and airports. The reason why flat -ground machines have a wide range of auxiliary operating capabilities is that its scraping board can complete 6 degrees in space. They can be carried out separately or combined. During the construction of the roadbed, the flat machine can provide sufficient strength and stability for the roadbed. Its main methods in the construction of road bases are flat operations, slope -to -slope operations, and filling road embankments. The flat machine is a high -speed, high -efficiency, high -precision and multi -purpose earthwork machinery. It can complete large -scale ground -area flats such as roads and farmland, trenches, slopes, soil, snow discharge, loose, compacting, fabrics, mixing, assistance and wasteland. chinuokejihulaoshi


When using a flat -ground machine operation, the machine should learn how to effectively ensure the safety of the driving system of the flat machine equipment? Please see the following

1. Before starting, check whether there are obstacles or pedestrians around the machine. Press the speaker first, then start at low speed, test and confirm that the brake is sensitive and effective.

2. When working, you should put the shovel to the ground first, and then lower the soil. When shovel, you should use a small amount of blade to adjust the depth of the soil at any time according to the size of the resistance. Control the blade of the blade should not be too large, so as not to cause the waste surface.

3. The adjustment of the blade rotation and shovel angle, and the outside of the machine must stop, but the improvement action of the left and right ends of the scraper can be adjusted at any time.

4. All kinds of scraping operations should be used at low speeds. The oblique shovel and rake teeth must be used in blocks; two or three gear blocks can be used for scraping and flat operations. The changes in gears must be performed during the downtime.

5. When a hard soil material needs to be loosened with tooth rakes, you should slowly lower your teeth. You must not use the tooth rake to flip the stab or concrete for the pavement.

The operating certificate of a flat -ground machine must meet the following conditions:

1. At least eighteen years old and not exceed the legal retirement age;

2. Junior high school or above;

3. Good health, no other diseases and physiological defects that hinder this surgery, such as hypertension, heart disease, dizziness;

4. Have necessary safety management technical knowledge and skills.


The above are some simple introductions about flat -ground machines. More about the certificate application and inquiries, you can privately message me or follow the WeChat public account “21st Century Workers”. Detailed information

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