Car stickers, also known as body stickers and inkjet body stickers, are a thin film jet material composed of functional layers, adhesive layers, and silicon paper. Car stickers have good weather resistance and ink absorption, so they are applied to many fields inside and outside.

The biggest advantage of the material of the car sticker is that the anti -ultraviolet rays are stronger, the material is thicker than the photo, and the abrasion resistance is more tough after the membrane. When making car body advertisements, the material material can be stretched slightly due to a certain amount of ductility, and the photo material cannot be done.

What are the classifications and characteristics of car stickers? Let’s take a look with Little Sister Yin!

Ordinary body sticker:

Ordinary body stickers are composed of 7S thick white PVC mask+acrylic non -dry glue+single silicon single PE dual glue paper.


Vinyl body sticker:

Black pressure delay film has good weather resistance and excellent plane stickers.

Transparent car sticker:

The color is transparent, the color absorption color is gorgeous, the weather is good, does not fall off, does not leave the residual gum, easy to paste, and is easy to remove.

White glue car sticker:

The stickiness is slightly inferior to vinyl, but the cost is low and the range of use is extremely wide.

Gray glue car sticker:


It consists of a white PVC mask+acrylic gray non -dry glue+single silicon single PE dual glue paper.

Do not dry glue sticker:


Use a carved machine to engrave different colors into different shapes, and then put it in a specified location by manual stitching. The advantage is that the color of the body’s body is revealed without gum. It seems to be painting directly on the body. The disadvantage is that the production and installation process is more complicated, and it is difficult to achieve the patterns with rich colors.


Photo car sticker:

The most commonly used car stickers, through different output processes such as photos, inkjetting, UVs, spray the pattern directly on white or transparent bottom membrane, and then stick to the specified location in a large area. It is characterized by easy installation and rich colors. It is a more conventional way of use.

Single -hole transparent car sticker:

Spray the screen on the grid material and stick it on the glass. When the light outside the car is relatively bright, look inside the car. Because the inside of the car is relatively dark, you can clearly see the picture. From the inside of the car to the outside of the car, it will not be affected by the sight, and it has a certain shading effect. Therefore, it is generally used for building glass floor -to -ceiling windows that need to be unidirectional.

Tram sticker:

The static car sticker is sprayed directly on the electrostatic film. The UV sunscreen process is mostly transparent. Because it is extremely convenient to remove, it is adsorbed to the inside of the glass to prevent the loss.

Magnetic car sticker:

The magnetic car sticker is pasted on the magnetic plate that was sprayed on the magnetic plate, and then made of a separate shape through the contour of the screen. Convenient, reused characteristics.

3M body sticker:

It is a cost -effective high -painting material under the US 3M brand. It has good ink absorption, clear and bright color performance, easy to install and remove, leaves the body without gum, does not destroy the body, has good adhesion effects, and high wind resistance.


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