As the temperature continues to rise, [

How to wear fashion comfort again


] Is it a big problem!

Come come, let me send you this fire in the summer, the summer, the summer, the cheats, bring you second speed transformation INS people!

The daily commuter skirt is more inconvenient, T-shirt is too much to do with no new intention? One


Short-sleeved shirt

Get you ~

As a small item in the closet in recent years, no matter



still is

sweet and cute

It can be pinched in your own! this! It is the charm of the short-sleeved shirt!

U1S1, short-sleeved shirt liberate too many mm dressing difficulties, match


Buckle jeans or wide leg jeans

, You can wear comfortable INS wind ▼


Fresh print pattern

It is also a full source of girls! Matching microlinar shawl hair or hair is very suitable ~

Tired of solid color bottom, you can also consider


Large area print

Many elements are superimposed, in recent years, fashion retro retractable can also be easily Get!

The wall is recommended to give a small karaoke not long ago.



, Take a look at it ~

(Beauty crit!)

The solid colored morning umbrella skirt broke the old-fashioned airplane,

Sweet extra points

, COPY should not be too suitable, don’t be too suitable.


Short shirt

Be doing a jacket

It is also very suitable for daily wear laws, take care of the problem of summer indoor and outdoor temperature difference, comfortable UPUP!

(Health Girl knows ~)

Apart from



The pattern is very different, you can try it every day.

Hawaiian shirt in various colors


Look at this full

Summer element

, Coconut beach, etc., “I put the summer in the summer” is this kind of JIO!

Clean and designed YYDS! The fashion circle bends around for more than a year,

Senior tailor-cut solid color clothing

But you can always kill the quartet ~


Microbial layers short-sleeved shirt

I can always show the feeling of refreshing, penetrate the silk style ~

Oversized white shirt

The inner color of the system is a tube top / vest, and it creates a tempting lazy, and the attendance is suitable for Der ~

Put solid color short-sleeved shirt as



The wearing method is always high frequencies in the body of the female stars, and the tapered little skirt is territory and sweet. At the event, it is not pulverized, the skin is a small princess!

Overall wearing, of course, also need to take into account makeup, solid color clothes and

Clean and exquisite makeup

Will be more adapt, simple hair or lazy hair is still suitable ~

(Quickly learn!)

Q: What is the high and printing?



Gripe! ! !


Compared to other style trends, the grille is more “intimate” ~


Older youthful vitality, these plants are also the love of the girls! Knock down

young and energetic

PLMM in all countries love

Doll collar

And the larvine short-sleeved shirt belongs to the lady! Diming and alignment, there is almost no limitations, adapt to various scenarios, dating to work!

瞧 瞧 这 面



, Take a light half skirt or light jeans is HIN, I am not allowed to be! It’s so cute ~

Come and see the big piece of the festival of the Baoda art in June!

Silk shirt

Show her personality, and handsome and beautiful, too beautiful!


Sometimes use


Special material

I will enhance the grade of the clothes in an instant. Several Level

(Look very expensive)


for example

Need to be tuned often

However, the quality of quality is in one enemy of hundreds of silk ~ one, even if everyone wears the same style, you will be the one in the crowd!

I am afraid of trouble,

Leather short-sleeved shirt

It is also a good choice, not too daily, the feeling of touching is very eye-catching ~

Match the same color trousers Or short skirt, cool to fry! This set of LOOK


拽 姐

A necessary ~

Leather Shirt

But the summer clothes are still in the skin.



Oh ~ look good and comfortable!


BM wind brought short-top burst, all kinds of short-sleeved shirts were liberated,


V leader


Skinny is full, who is wearing!

Daily wear of the workplace


Also ideal for unlocking with minimalist ultra short short sleeves shirts ~ inner collection small top with loose summer pants, comfortable and cool!

Different from shirts, short-sleeved shirts


Exquisite and casual


Between, the entire set of LOOK is doubled!


(The sister is the queen, self-confidence is shining ~)

Not only CC and Xiaoqiu, Zhou Yuzhen, Liu Wen and so on, the female star wearing, is also short-sleeved shirts.


Loyal enthusiast

Sweet or neutral or babes can meet, inclusive REAL! I recommend a wave!

How, today’s share

Wear job

You all have a good job ~

Every summer is here, some dimensional cs will have unnecessary

Body anxiety

, Baby, duck don’t have to be! The female star has the beautiful beauty, and I’m learning to wear a horse with me.





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