Embroidery, lotus leaf, word collar, this year’s popular elements have made people unclear, new joy is good, but the girl in love, when you love this year, you can remember the crazy Europe last year. The root yarn. Although they didn’t have last year, it was a charming charm but has not changed.

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2016 summer new chiffon shirt short-sleeved slim slim round neck white lotus leaf European root female chiffon top

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It is undeniable that white short sleeves are very resistant to. Monotonless white can wear atmosphere, there is a pattern of white to wear a feeling of immortality. The girls now know that they are tibbled by the trumpet sleeves, so there is no problem with some European root gauze in the trumpet sleeves.


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2016 middle sleeves chiffon shirt summer bottom lace shirt Korean version of the loose short-sleeved European gauze upper women’s small shirt large size


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Freshly refined pure white bottoming shirts, it makes people feel very uncommon. Cute little embroidery, carefully install every detail of the bottom shirt. Elegant cuffs perfectly modified the arm, so that you look at all from all angles. Wear such a bottoming shirt, then with a bag of hip skirts, let you have a taste of mature women.

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Luimine2016 summer new women’s white European root shirt big bow sleeveless vest chiffon shirt

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Because it is very lightly clear, the Siki is most suitable for creating the feeling of dreaming. Although the big bow is a bit exaggerated, it shows a very special charm. Imagine that when the wind in the summer is blown up to each inch skin through the European root, what is more enjoyable than this?

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Milan Yin 2016 summer fresh sleeveless ink printing long skirt European root sexy fluffy dress female

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If there is no European root yarn, the fluffy princess dress is difficult to show the most beautiful gesture, the princess dream of the sisters is more difficult to achieve, so the European root yarn must have always been favored elements. . Sweet print is covered with a skirt, and there is a lot of delicate feelings for the skirt, so we do so, guarantee to earn a return rate of the whole summer.

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Chiffon shirt short-sleeved 2016 summer new Han Fan Ou root printing doll collar loose thin white jacket female

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The doll is responsible for pure, and the eucalyptus is responsible for immortality. Half of youth is half a mature feeling. As the owner of these two states, you can have countless creativity, because they are originally the most perfect, so how you want to wear it.


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European root yarn retro printing flag robe dress 2016 summer new women’s doll dress loose thin A word skirt

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Since the weather in the summer is always too hot, those tight-fitted clothes will be able to eliminate the girls, and those loose and comfortable clothes will gradually enter the sight of the girls, the doll skirt is the most representative of this. Skirt, it not only looks cute, we can freely, so this kind of skirt can do people to see people.

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Sunscreen Girl 2016 Xia Korean version of the new thin section of the long lace Slim slim jacket European root yarn sunscreen

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In addition to sunscreen, sunscreen should be a good companion for every girl in summer. A quality sunscreen is not only able to take on sunscreen work, but also be able to assume important responsibility for decorative full body. There is no doubt that the sunscreen suit in front of you did it. What is the fear of the sun? There is a sunscutive service, everything is not a problem.

Ou root yarn dress female 2016 summer new Korean set lace chiffon shirt two-piece fashion suit skirt


The refreshing of the European root allows you to keep your whole summer and charming charm. When there is an European roof in the skirt, you can fairy more than anyone. This is the so-called point of European root yarn, it is enough to make the temperament difference.

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