Spring and summer season, shirts are top-on tops that have the highest appearance rate outside the T-shirt!

Basic wild shirt not only creates a desirable temperament woman, but also modify the shoulder width problem


It is an indispensable costume in the closet!

So, what kind of shirts we do in this spring and summer season? What are the choice of orientation? Next, I will send you three choices about the shirt, practical learning, challenged it is good to look good!


3 pick points of shirts

For the selection of shirts, it is actually mainly

Fabric, color, design, version

These four aspects. The version is relatively simple, and everyone will be difficult to choose a micro-loose version of the shirt. Slim shirts are often used in the workplace wearing, and it is inevitable that there is some bureau to promote and stay!

“Shirt” fabric selection


Spring and summer, the fabric of the shirt is mainly divided into

Cotton, linen, cotton, silk, chiffon

These five types. The cotton shirt is comfortable and breathable. It can be worn in the four seasons, but it is easy to shrink, and there will be a little hot in the summer.

The shirt of the linen fabric is better, but the wearing comfort is poor, the material is hard, and the pleats are easy.

The cotton and three fabric is a mixture of linen and cotton, dry breathable, and more suitable for spring and summer.


The filament and chiffon fabrics are more perpendicular, and it is more likely to shape an elegant and senior age-seniority. In particular, the shirt of silk fabric can easily shape your expemented, but the disadvantage is that the price is high, it is difficult to manage.


So this time,

Everyone can pick chiffon fabric shirt, chiffon shirt is high, and it is also very comfortable and breathable, the fabric is cold, and the summer is just right.

“Shirt” color selection

When you pick the color of the shirt, you must first choose according to your skin tone. If you just want to wear a simplicity of leisure temperament, you should give priority to the neutral colors such as black and white ash!

And the color of the black and white ash is not a good skin effect, but at least it will not be dark. but,

For warm yellow skin sisters, beige, brown this major land color will be more suitable for yourself; for cold yellow sisters, with gray-tone smog blue, fragrant purple, can be more short!

In addition to the solid color shirt, we can also choose a colorful print shirt. for example


A plaid shirt with a certain retro feel, a romantic wave shirt with a plurality of vertical striped shirts with an aging playful girl


Wait, it is very good choice, everyone can choose according to their own clothes!


“Shirt” design selection

For the design of the shirt, we mainly look at the neckline, sleeves, and clothing. It is not recommended that the round neck sisters choose the sailor collar, the square collar, the brirt, will look larger; we should try the style of the standard shirt, will be smaller. And the sleeves, you can choose according to your own preferences, lanterns sleeves for age, foam sleeves, standard and sleeves, each has its own beauty!

Finally, for the choice of clothing design. It is recommended that you have a short short-term short-term, it looks more inexhaped, more fashionable. In addition, we can also choose the design of the shirt according to your specific preferences.

You want to shape the college wind, you can pick with badge embroidery, organ pleats.

“Shirt” temperament

LOOK1: Shirt + Hirmingshirt + Flat Shoes

For most middle-aged women, we must wear enough “sexual advanced” in spring and summer. At this time, we can choose the shirt + semi-skirt.

Pick’s linen or cotton linen shirt top, matching the chiffon pleated femto skirt, the smart beauty, temperament is gentle and elegant, the more you like it.

LOOK2: Shirt + Wide Leg Pants

If you want to wear a thin effect, you can match a denim wide leggings. Loose version of the wide-leg pants that can easily hide the lower body.

Compass with a micro-loose shirt and a thin lever. At the same time, this group also has a strong lazy hipster, like a beige shirt in the picture below, + denim wide legs

As long as the clothing of the shirt is in a wide leg pants, it can also create a high waistline and can get a rare.

LOOK3: Shirt + vest


Want to wear a sense of college, try the shirt + college wind vest’s match; and want to wear a level, we can choose the shirt + suits vest, the latter is more temperament than the former, more middle age Female mature charm!

After reading these content, I don’t know if you have the skills you have learned. If you feel that the content of this period is helpful, please praise a lot + help, we will see you next time ~

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