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Recently, some netizens sent a document on social platform.

The Jiangnan cloth children’s clothing shirt is printed with inappropriate patterns.

And inappropriate English.

Netizens’ children’s clothing brand product patterns of Jiangnan cloth released on social platform.


The netizen said that the children’s clothing product shirt under the Jiangnan cloth is found.

“Welcome to the Hell” (Welcome to Hell), “Let Me Touch You” (Let me touch you) and other English characters, with Satan, Shantou, and suspected car cracks and Wanjian wearing heart torture ,

A mentally discomfort.

The netizen said that this dress was purchased last year, the old man did not understand English, and I bought it for my child. I have recently brought the child to play. I found it. “A four-year-old child, wearing this dress, thinking about it, don’t twisted!”


Netizens broke the news on the social platform.

In addition, many netizens have also issued a text, and there are other improper patterns in Jiangnan cloth children’s clothing products, such as children fall, break.


Many netizens said that these patterns appear in children’s wear.

The reporter search found that there is no related product on a shopping platform.

In this regard, the Jiangnan cloth flagship store customer service said that

Currently, the goods have been removed.


It will be strictly reviewed in the future.

Jiangnan Boxing Group’s children’s clothing brand official account “jnby by jnby” responded to the netizen stickers:


There is an unapprove pattern that appears in children’s clothing products and apologize for consumers. The company has removed all related products, and strictly reviewed, eliminating such incidents again.

“Jnby by jnby” official Weibo apologizes under some online posts.

However, the reporter noticed that

As of press time, “Jiangnan Cloth” has not been apologized by channels such as its official Weibo.

In this regard, many netizens message indicates that they do not buy.


On the afternoon of the 22nd, the Jiangnan Cloth “Check the phone staff responded that the problem of improper clothing with some customers reflected, the company is currently investigating, and there is no official reply.


The above staff said that which series of apparel design is temporarily inconvenient to translate, but it has been in line with the online store to synchronize related information. Customers who have purchased related apparels can go to the original purchase, and the staff will coordinate.

The sky-eye showed that “Jiangnan Cloth (JNBY)” was established in 1994 and is a famous local designer women’s brand in Hangzhou Jiangnan clothing. “Jnby by jnby” is a children’s clothing brand, which is officially launched in the spring of 2011, known as “small Jiangnan cloth.”

The brand introduced by “jnby by jnby” is, adhering to the mature nature design style, aims to present unmoving in children’s lives and unique side.

Pure, natural, fun. Through the story of each season, bring the child into the imagination space, let it go, play, hide the child’s emotions into the entire design relationship, and build a beautiful sense of children.

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