I will come immediately a year. At this time, everyone is busy, and everyone is busy with new clothes. At the moment of gathering, of course we have to wear beautiful. You can a little sharp overbearing, more beautiful gentleness. Less a little bit of handsome cool, more fresh and sweet.

If you still don’t know what the New Year is wearing, you may wish to take a look at Chen Qi’s airport to wear a look. Simply single white down jacket, with water washed blue jeans, fresh and generous, like a sweet and delicious people. This kind of dressing is really joined. See your boyfriend, see parents, girlfriends, will not have something wrong.

This fashion small directory

1. Appreciation of Chen Qiqi fashion modeling;


2. How to create a fresh and sweet new year wearing a model;

Chen Qiqi fashion model appreciation


Simple white down jacket, refreshing and playful short hooded design, is also very lively aged. Chen Qiqi chose the hooded sweater of black gray, as an inner, and the casual wind is more clear.

Sweater stacking, adds comfort, hood design, will not feel bloated, but more fashionable. Reduced the aesthetic style of the white system, more playful and lively style. Black and white gray color, simple atmosphere, and personalization.

Loose white down jacket, the expansion is very strong, it seems to have a soft feeling, and the whole person’s style becomes more mild. The loose version has a stronger package capacity, nor does it expose the strong sense of upper body.

This loose short down jacket, the best matching slim straight pants, or a descended jeans. Direct pants look straight straight straight, cowboy fabric more prominent youthful vitality. If you want to be modern, the combined high waist pants is also good.

How to create a fresh and sweet new year dressing?

Tip 1: White single product, fresh age

If you want a fresh and sweet New Year, you must have less equipped with the color of the shallow color. The white system is the most pure-aged color, whether it is a white down jacket, coat or sweater, or straight white trousers, a small white boots of the square, can increase fresh age.

White is pure and beautiful, gives a particularly aged feel. Especially as a jacket, it is not suitable for the skin color. At this time, you can choose the white linen, or the white system is dected, and it will not look so dark.

Tips 2: Cowboy single product, playful lively


The cowboy single product is more playful relative to the white system. In the daily match, the cowboy monotomy is very high. Whether it is a denim vest, or a denim coat, or jeans, denim skirts are classic single products.

As a new year, it is recommended to choose a jeans or denim dress, because this kind of decoration will not highlight too handsome style, will only increase the playfulness of playfulness, so that simple wearing is more expensive.

Skills three: aged goods, more cute

Leisure aged single items, you can break the visual dull and boring, and outlined a new and playful beauty. Everyday wearing, the navy’s clothing, college wind costumes, and artistic clothing, leisure style clothing, are self-contained.

Chen Qiqi’s team wearing, the sweater for the leisure style is also a common age-up. Looseness, comfort and generous, more adding sweet and lovely pretty.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now do you know how to create a playful and sweet New Year wear? Share the fashion trend of fashion trends every day, pay attention! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)


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# Third Spring Festival in the epidemic

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