(“Watch Tribe” original content, reproduced please indicate that the word is unknown from when it starts to popularize, as a new word that has little accurate definition, it is not like the middle class. However, according to the author’s observation, petty words often appear while representing a living or taste, or a “neither soil, not too” life. Therefore, in the end, what kind of watch brand is more suitable for small investment, and it is more easy to analyze this group. Today, I will share ten “neither soil, nor”, and look at some degree. It is also a good international watch brand (ranking is not divided).

Longines Longines

Although the Longines is a large-scale list of products, they have to be said. Whether it is the name of Longines, or the price and quantity of Yanqi’s entry-level female watch is more suitable for introduction. The Yanciki, which is marked with the flying wing hour, “elegance, is the basic value of Longines, the brand is based on a long-term inheritance and continuous innovative aesthetic tradition, exquisitely exquisite and classic design is in every one. Above the work, thereby creating an eternal elegant taste. “

Longines elegant series L4. Watch, this is a quartz movement watch, steel material, 24 mm, waterproof 30 meters.


The brand has always been famous for high-end, luxurious, sexy, and has become one of the best dies of the “identity and wealth of the symbol” brand image, has been pale with fashion women, but the fashion is not elegant. It is now the largest fashion group in Italy. Is it hoped by this high-compact brand, and the watch is definitely can’t be cheaper, but it is a watcher that is the same as a fashion brand, or a lot of cheap, even thousands of RMB can also buy this brand watch.


Gucci GUCCI series Ya015516 watch, equipped with a quartz movement, steel material, a shaped, a surface diameter of 12 × 30 mm, waterproof 30 meters.


Amy 丨 maurice lacroix


Emmy is still a Swiss independently planning brand, but founding time is not long. In 1998, it officially entered the Chinese market. As a brand, there are also many men’s watch, but Chinese translation sounds have a woman’s charm, There have been a goddess friend, I also communicated this brand of she wearing, because she is still not familiar with this brand, Amy is still a relatively young, and the Chinese market is also relatively late. Brand.


Emmelon Orchard 11-130 Watch, the table is a quartz movement, stainless steel gold plated, full polishing treatment, 33 mm of a surface diameter, waterproof 30 meters.


The brand spirit of the America is the so-called “inspiration confidence is eternal”, let the transient fleeting inspiration gives people eternal movement, so some products of the United States have an exotic cultural element. At the same time, the four strategies that the beauty claimed to be in its development process is: 1. Different style; 2, accurate mechanical walking; 3, unique Aquadura seal crown system; 4, 100% Switzerland manufacturing.


The Mali Belren Siya series M007. Watch, equipped with the automatic mechanical movement, the case is a stainless steel gold-plated material, has a date function, 33 mm, waterproof 50 meters.

Movado 丨 Movado

Movado is known for its landmark Museum museum dial and a modern design, and unique beauty makes Movado. From 1910 to 1925, Movado has become a leader who develops small movements, and has become a new force specializing in the development of a female wrist watch that is extremely imagined, exquisite. So Movado’s more advanced, unique post-modern style, so many of the pursuit of distinct formation.

Movado Museum Series 0606611 Watch, equipped with a quartz movement, dark blue museum dial with hue blue outer ring, silver concave dot and Huang Prince pointer, 28 mm, waterproof 50 meters.

West Rail City Citizen


The Japanese-headed brands represented by West Terilate, have caused a huge impact in the traditional watchmaking industry in the 1970s, of which the photography is the patented technology of West Term. In addition to technological innovation, the biggest feature of the West Railway brand should be more close, and the foreign name of West Tert City is the meaning of citizens, which is clearly intended to explore the public consumption market.


West Terrace XC Series FD1014-52A watch, optical energy movement, date and week display function, 31 mm, waterproof 50 meters.

Cerene Certina

This is an old Switzerland watchmaking company. By vigorously involving the international racing movement, Chantener consolidates its consistent heroic route, some women’s tables are not in this style. Since 2013, Citrona became the official partner and time plan for the International Airfly Contact World Rally Championship, and in this year, Citron has changed the company’s image identification system, and the new joined elegance, symbolic, Good luck and success, and also also directly add to the corporate mark of the sea turtle identification and “DS” that can show the quality of the snow.


Women’s automatic series C001. Watches, equipped with automatic mechanical movements, steel quality, date display function, vectors, 32 mm, waterproof 100 meters.


Tissot 丨 Tissot

Tissot’s products are relatively common, although the historical history of Tissot table is very long, founded in 1853 Switzerland, once also one of the choices of the upper society, but after the change, especially after entering the slave Group, completely positioned In the grade of the people, it has also become a domestic first-time workplace, or it is more favored by the Swiss brand, but it is not to spend too much money to buy a table. Of course, many female friends.

Tissot T-LADY series T050. Watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, pearl flying diamond dial, steel material, vectral, 35 mm, waterproof 30 meters.

Plum 丨 titoni

This is a Swiss watchmaking brand, which is more early, once and La Rolent, Omega, etc. It is very love to love these countless slantles, including plum blossom tables. Later, a large number of Swiss orthodox luxury table brands flooded into the Chinese market, and the plot tables returned to their next, and the price also returned to the people.

Msto Ms. Series 83963 S-063 Watch, is equipped with automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel, 24.5 mm, waterproof 50 meters.

Radar Rado


The radar table is also a traditional Swiss watchmaking brand, although there is a luxury brand ranks, but because of the relative pricers, it also has a very rich little. Radar has produced the first batch of “drill” watch in the world, which laid the foundation for the rapid development of radar in the future. Today, the radar is mentioned, some people still link the name of the radar table with a personalized design made of material made of non-wear materials.

Radar overall ceramic series R22828715 Wats, quartz movements, housings are made of innovative ceramic materials, waterproof 30 meters.

General review

In addition to the brand introduction, these watches listed today, some are leisure, but most of them are between RMB 4,000 to 8000, but can say that whether it is brand, or price is Very eligible reference object that is very in line with small temperament.

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