There is not a few pairs of good-looking boots in autumn and winter, this winter, no matter whether you dress a skirt or a pants, whether it is a warm down jacket, or an elegant coat, there must be less good-looking boots to bless.


However, many people have been dizzy by various boots. I don’t know how to choose the boots that suits them. I have a pair of long boots to walk. Today, this article will come to teach everyone, how to choose autumn and winter. Boots and skirts.


Step 1: How does the skirt choose?

The good-looking boots in autumn and winter are very elegant and fashionable. Therefore, we must wear such a match. The first thing to solve is the choice and match of the skirt. Several styles are recommended, you can refer to it.

Style 1: Coarsely woven griller skirt


Autumn and winter season, it is very suitable for coarse wool materials, very autumn and winter feeling,

And the warm performance is very good, so such a small wind dress, elegant and advanced, can start more colors.

Style 2: Dark Cake Skirt

If the autumn and winter season, I want to wear a princess, then the cake skirt is definitely less, and the cake skirt is not very suitable for light color in autumn and winter.

Because of the summer of light colored cake skirts, it feels too strong, will be violated with autumn and winter, so it is better to try a dark cake dress, match coat, suit, down jacket is very suitable, then choose a pair of boots of an ankle The overall matching is exquisite and has a level.

Style 3: Exquisite sexy skirt


In autumn and winter, for the workplace, it must be less stockings, then the stockings’ skirt will definitely be less skirt, the skirt is domineering and sexy.

If you add some of the sexy design such as a fork, the overall gas field immediately came up. The autumn and winter skirt is not warm enough, so this dress is preferably wearing in the room with heating, so it will not freeze yourself.


Step 2: Three kinds of stylish boots are wearing it

Boots model one: matte high heel boots

First, it is recommended to recommend a short boots that meet the autumn and winter atmosphere. Scrubbed boots is a way of processing of boots, relative to the boots of those light surfaces,

Such strorn is more soft and gentle, and the material is very suitable for winter. It can be said that winter exclusive boots are style, so such a short boots are very good.


Scrubbed boots can be matched with a soft skirt, such as a coarsely knitted skirt that just introduced, both of which are also very gentle.

In autumn and winter, for those of the calves, I can try the length to the skirt of the knee. Such a skirt has just exposed a slender calf, sexy and fashionable, it is a bit cold, I can be used with meat stockings, meat stockings plus The styles of the velvet are fake, so plus velvet is still cautious.


Boots Style 3: High Hearts Chelsea Boots

Autumn and winter chooses boots must not have a good look and fashionable Chelsea boots, such boots are formal and fashionable, suitable for women, with suit and coats will look good.

The color of the boots is actually paying attention to the color match. If you want to add a uniformity of the match, the color is harmonious, then you can use the bag or the belt to echo the color, this overall matching feeling is very unified, Color is also very particular.

When the autumn and winter is mixed, if the match is not high, then you can try a simple but not good color matching scheme.

Boots try to choose white, gray or black such a hundred touch, very good match, simple and easy to color. In addition, the white boots are also very eye-catching in autumn and winter, and there is no sense of dullness.

Boots, three: long shoes

Finally, it is necessary to introduce a short boots that is the short boots of long shots. Such a shoe is long, and it is more sensual than the general boots.

And this shoe is not easy to hit the shoe, wearing out is very stylish. The long shoe should be convex, then the upper is definitely narrow, so the foot is very thick, and the very wide person is not suitable for such a style.

The long-term sunshine style such as autumn and winter can match a variety of good-looking socks, socks with the skirt, so that the way is very warm and the day.


The choice of socks in autumn and winter is also a question, choose the sock, the whole, the hierarchy, and the fashionable feelings will be stronger. Boots choose a thickened sock, the warm effect will be better.


Ok, today, I will introduce the autumn and winter boots + a dress, autumn and winter choose to have a dress, then your match is half, if you choose the boots, then your match is not easy, article The three boots introduced, suitable for different match, different people, see if there is a style and match you like. It is not difficult to learn, you can refer to the value is also very high, this autumn and winter, make a fashionable woman.

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