This issue of knitting designer’s works appreciates the festival selected from the Finnish Weaving Journal “Laine” No. 10 2020 Winter Impulses, No. 9 2019 Wheumph, No. 8 2019 Xiaoma. The first journal is first in 2016, although it is very “young”, because of its unique style, it is very fast to be loved by the world, and the original book can be purchased to a treasure search, or to RAVELRY purchase.


▼ Laine No. 10, 2020 Winter


1, [Akwa Miri] ladies stick shawl collar long pocket cardigan

Design: Sylvia Watts-Cherry

2, [DYYNI] Alangi Rope Women’s Bar Needle Sweater


Design: rieVive

3, [SELI SWEATER] Embroidered pattern ladies stick needle shoulder sweater

Design: Aleks Byrd

The whole clothing uses three knitting skills, the Estonian braid pattern of the leading cocovedridge (called Kihnu VITS or KIHNU BRAID), the Estonian weaving method of the embroidery effect pattern, and put the covile line in front, main color line when weaving Continue to weave, then the number of adjunctional lines across the N-pin main color line is formed in combination of the pattern), and Corrugated RIB, which is small than ordinary ribbed needles, is often used in the weaving of Ferran Island Jacquard.

4, [SKOG] casual loose, big simple flower, ladies, needle, shoulders, sweaters

Design: Julie Hoover

5, [Snowy Forest] thick knit ladies rod needle bag head sweater


Design: Midori Hirose


▼ Laine No. 9, 2019 Winter

1, [risttee] by aleks by

2, [Woodbine] by fiona alice

▼ Laine No. 8, 2019


1, [cimes] by Eveline Cantin-Bergeron


2, [honeydew] by Justyna Lorkowska

3, [Lakka] by Marjorie Martin

8, [Waterlily] by SUS Gepard


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