In winter, it is easy to catch a cold in winter. Among them, the cause is caused by improper clothes. Today, we share the general knowledge of winter children’s clothes, helping parents understand and prevent children’s winter colds. Cold, a big reason is caused by improper clothes, and today share the winter children’s clothes guide.

Judging that young children are cold, can’t touch small hands

Judging that the child is cold and cold, many parents are used to touch their hands, this judgment method is very sided, because the blood circulation system of the end of the pediatric hand is not complete, so sometimes it is much worn, the body sweats. However, but the hands and feet are cold; the correct judgment method is to touch the neck back, if the skin is warm, it means dressing

In the cold season, young children don’t dress too much.

Many parents are always afraid of the child to freeze, and they will be very thick in the cold season. It is more likely to be sick for your child. When the child is active, it will be sweating. It is easier to suffer from coldness; in addition, wear too thick, will lead to the heat generated in the body that cannot be divergently, if a large amount of sweating in a short time can lead to the child dehydration.

Let the young children are not cold, wearing comfort is the purpose

So give your child clothes, you need to add science, children in kindergarten, and clothes can be worn as less than parents.

1. Warm cotton jacket and one autumn clothing

The cold wave is coming, parents are worried that children are easy to freeze, just give their children a clothes, in fact, “wearing more is to wear warm” is a misunderstanding, and the child is too popular, and the moving bullet wrapped in the body is not allowed, and How to take off at the nap, often let the teacher worry: Level a few pieces, the child sleeps with sweat, it is more likely to catch a cold; take a few more, take a few more time to take the clothes for a long time Go back, and it is easy to catch cold when wearing clothes.

Teacher advice:

It is best to wear a warm taking coat in a warm cotton coat. Outdoor activity is still wearing down jacket. Mother try to avoid the thin warm clothes to the child, and the amount of light is very cumbersome to keep warm, and it is easy to cause inconvenience to children and teachers.

2, loose trousers and autumn pants

Some parents like to wear jeans, especially boys. But in the cold winter, the teacher does not recommend wearing jeans to the children. On the one hand, because the jeans texture is very hard, wear other trousers in it, and two calves are difficult to flex, so it is not conducive to child activities. On the other hand, jeans are tight, this is the biggest drawback! Every day, teachers get up in the child or take the bed after the dress, the jeans, tight and narrow, and no elastic jeans often let the teachers feeding the nine cow two tigers. Even the teachers can’t pull the pants, let alone let the children themselves. Hand.

Teacher suggest: fabric soft trousers is soft and warm, is the best choice in winter, and many trousers in the trousers are wide, and the sharpness is very large. A trousers or pants, plus a legs. And in the indoor warm pants are the best choice for baby the most comfortable and temperature. Also note that many parents like to use the kind of tight pants in the winter, think that tight warmth is better, in fact, tight pantyhose is difficult to take away from children. It is easy to pull the toilet in the kindergarten child, especially the girl is easy because the panties are too tight, the pants can’t pull, the pants are wet, this phenomenon occurs.

3, pick up the child must-have item – scarf

The scarf is around the child’s neck, which can prevent body temperature from moving forward and play a good warm role. When picking up your child, your parents may wish to have a scarf, look good and practical.

Teacher recommends that scarves are almost directly attached to the skin, and the skin’s neck is very sensitive, very weak, so when you give your child, you must choose the quality of the hair, otherwise it is easy to stimulate skin allergies. One thing to note is that in the cold north, many Mom and Dad are used to wear a mask or protect the mouth with a scarf, so that the child’s little face will not freeze, in fact, this will lower the child The adaptability of the respiratory tract pairs of cold air has lacked the child to resist the resistance of the cold, bronchitis. Therefore, parents don’t block the child’s nose with a thick scarf.

4, stand-preparation warm tares – small vest

The child is bloated, and it is really inconvenient to act when doing a game with children. Especially the thick clothes affect the swing of the arms, the child is like a mechanic, and the hands and feet cannot bend flexible.

Teacher recommends that kindergarten teachers usually ask mom to prepare a small vest to children, in this outdoor activities, the teacher will choose to wear down jackets or vests according to the weather, let the children go outdoors.

5, give the sweat baby – spare socks

The foot is the yin and yang meridian, the skin nerve is rich and is the most sensitive place to the outside world. The child’s feet remain warm, in order to ensure that the body adapted to the change of the external climate.

Teacher suggest: Good child is also very prone to sweating in winter, if there is no time to replace socks in time, the child is easy to catch cold, and it is easy to frost. Therefore, parents want to prepare a pair of socks in the kindergarten, after sweating in socks, the teacher can help the child in time. In the choice of socks, it is best to choose cotton, easier to absorb sweat, not easy to wet.

Nursing small advice: winter clothes mastery 5 principles

1, back warm

Keep the back of “proper warmth” can prevent disease and reduce colds. “Suitable warmth” is not warm, otherwise the back sweating is too sweating, and the sweat is easily sick because the back is wet.


2, belly

The stomach is the spleen and stomach, keeping the belly is protecting the spleen and stomach. The child is constant, when the cold air is directly stimulating the abdomen, the child will breathe, thus damage the spleen and stomach, affect digestion and absorption.

3, warm

4, head cool

The child has a heat from the body surface, of which 1/3 is diverged in the head, and the head is easily caused by upset dizziness, even coma. Chinese medicine believes that the head is most likely to “get angry”, and the child is sick is more hot. The child keeps the head cool, warm, it will stop the blood circulation smoothly.

5, chest cool

The wearing is too thick and bloated, which will oppress the chest and affect normal breathing and heart function. At the same time, it is easy to cause internal heat. The lung is like two leaves, which is formed to extends to play the new features of the vomiting. Therefore, the cardiothozyme in the clothes is not too thick, otherwise it will have an oppression.

Said so much, about the child in winter,

No more important principles.

“Convenient”, “good activity”, “good wear”

I hope these small suggestions,

It can make parents when they seize their children.

Help and learn from the child healthily grow.

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