The cotton / polyester silk jacquard package fabric wire is used to use polyester FDY68D wire, the weft uses 16S people cotton yarn as raw materials, ingredients and content of 40% polyester 60% artificial cotton. The tissue structure of jacquard, and the product is intertwined on the jet loom. After the billet is dyed, the coating process is treated, has the advantages of soft feeling, strong seventability, novel style, waterproof performance, and existing polyester silk gloss sensitivity effect, and the softness of cotton yarn. This fabric has good breathability and rhinar. There is also a strong anti-acid alkaline, anti-ultraviolet capacity. Its fabric is 150cm wide, and the price of finished products is 11.00 yuan / m. It is understood that the fabric is based on the advantages of non-fading, non-deformed. Listed color has different types such as Tibetan, yellowish, rough, and green, and can choose a variety of different colors according to customer needs. High-end luggage, handbags, pull packs.

Cotton, refers to the artificial cotton, famous viscose fiber, belongs to artificial fibers, English: viscose hand like cotton, the price is cheap than cotton. The viscose fiber is regenerated cellulose fiber. It is made of natural cellulose as a raw material, which is formed into soluble cellulose-based, and then dissolved in the dilute alkyl alkyl alkyl alkyl alkyl alkyl alkali. Different raw materials and spinning processes can be obtained from ordinary viscose fibers, high humidity viscose fibers, and high strong viscose fibers, respectively. Ordinary viscose fibers have general physical mechanical properties and chemical properties, and cotton, hair type and filament type, commonly known as artificial cotton, artificial hair and human silk. The high humid modulus viscose fibers have a high degree of polymerization, strong and wet modulus. Such fibers can withstand 22.0 cn load per unit line density under wet state, and at this load of no more than 15%, mainly rich fibers. High strong viscose fibers have high strength and fatigue resistance.

People cotton / polyester silk flower box package

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