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Cowboy half dress

For many people, the cowboy half-skirt is a single item that is accompanying four seasons.

However, from the fabric, style and matching method of the cowboy and semi-skirt itself, the cowboy half skirt is actually the best in winter!


Winter chooses a cowboy skirt, there are three other seasons who don’t have the advantage, but also in the drum, never use the cowboy semi-skirt advantage to improve the overall lady, you can come here to take it here!


Advantage 1: Winter Choose a cowboy half dress, heat insulation effect first level

Other seasons wearing a denim skirt may be very hot, but its fabric has the thickness of the winter, just right!


Advantage 2:

Winter chooses the cowboy skirt, which can be used to form a strong contrast with the looseness of the plus velvet cotton.

Prove the existence of good body


One tight visual effect can guarantee 100% exquisite foreign air, and it can guarantee the cleanliness of the overall shape, no drag.

Advantage 3: Winter Choose a cowboy skirt, you can better modify the pear shape

In various styles of cowboy skirts, the long-standing long coat is completely hidden, and the workmanship, the students, the student party is applicable!

After understanding the three major advantages of the winter selection of the cowboy skirt, let’s take a detailed introduction to the type of cowboy skirt and their own advantages and disadvantages, everyone can enhance the number according to their own clothes ~

01 Cowboy Skirt Category

Direct cowboy half dress

The biggest advantage of straight cowboy skirt is



Modified leg type


The design of the shape of the body-shaped rigorous joints can completely press the flesh meat, and the meat female is rigorless.

The barefriend is put on the butt, you can also change the “chopsticks”, the upper body effect yyds!


There is also a big advantage of the straight denim dress is

Can be matched with any trendy top

, Yes, you have not mistisred, “any style” “all version”, and I didn’t exaggerate his words.

Tight, slim, loose, profile is its “official match”, short section, long, long section, plus length can also match, all kinds of kinds, It is suitable for lining and outer collection, will not be wrong!


But there is a little bad that the existence of the straight cowboy skirt will be very low, the classic foundation version is equipped with the classic foundation, basically no one is bright.

Choose a little sister in the straight cowboy skirt, doing this kind of psychological preparation!

2. Cork denim skirt


Winter chooses fork half skirt


There are a lot,

First, it can satisfy your small area of ​​dressing requirements

In addition to the length of the skirt, it can also show a small leg line, without affecting the temperature, not exposed leg-type flaw, as much as possible, as much as possible.

Second, it can increase the light feeling

The fabric is thick, which uses the fork design to increase the breathable effect, fashionable and practical, increase the beauty and identification.

With it with a variety of warm coats, it will not make people feel dull and wronged, and the little sisters who are paying attention to don’t miss it.

Third, the cowboy skirt can increase the taste of the absolute advantage

, Through the most concise crack design, you can meet the demand for high-level feelings! Which little cute is refused ~

But one thing to pay attention to it, take the fork cowboy skirt, not suitable for matching with colorful plus velvet leggings, only invisible meat is its “CP”!


3. Jeans

The third denim dress is a jewette skirt. It is recommended to have two reasons for choosing it!

First, jeans skirt

Beautiful age, very girl

, Wear it out, it will not make people feel that you are “honest”, “refreshing spirit” is your synonym!

Second, the design of the jean umbrella skirt is suitable for winter wearing a door,

The most identifiable and influence

Because in many cases, it is integrated with pleated models, and the pleated A-shaped skirt, beautiful and practical.

But there is a little bad place to be very popular, not very suitable for micrigerant small children’s choices!

02 denim half-length dress


The above three cowboy skirts are particularly suitable for the next piece of lining, the combination of the two, and there are indoors, and it is not too tale.

First of all, you can use it with a variety of collar style tight lining, face round, face, neck short, you can choose a low round collar, small V tightened the bottom of the shirt, there is a small V face, the vetyflial neck, straight locker Little sister, you can choose a tight-fitting collar or a pile of collar shirt!


If you feel the tight bottoming shirt, you can use the high waist cowboy, too test, or you can use

Knit cardigan

With a variety of styles of cowboy skirt.

A slightly loose version,

Can be modified to increase the taste of women


Little sisters who don’t have too much sense, you can arrange it!

Second, it is recommended that everyone chooses a conventional style.

Round neck knit sweater

With the match, the basal top is made with a base denoe dress, it will not be eliminated by fashion.

But there is a premise that the color of the sweater and the cowboy skirt is a foundation. If this black red striped scarf and a combination of the green knitted sweater are only suitable for Christmas, there is no holiday. Atmosphere, it will look very pull!

In addition to the knit sweaters of various styles, I hope that everyone will try it.

Hooded sweater with cowboy skirt

With it and the cowboy half-skirt, there are both girls who have a young girl, youth is energetic!

I often arrange a little sister who is worried about my age! In addition to hooded sweaters, the round neck sweater and Xiao Lijie can also try it!

2. Coat


There are a lot of warm coats that are suitable for mixing with cowboy skirts. It is not exaggerated. All of the popular models on the market can match it, but for insurance, today I recommend these four.


Wool suit


Using it and the cowboy skirt, it is very familiar, very familiar, very fascinating, both suitable for the students and the party, suitable for office workers, everyday wear, easy to make mistakes!

woolen coat


With the cowboy skirt, the Korean system is aged, no matter where women wear, it can give people a feeling of college students.

But one thing to pay attention to, when choosing the woolen coat with the cowboy skirt, must pay attention to the color of the single product and the design of the single product, the outline + foundation is not easy!

Incident cotton suit

With the cowboy skirt, it is the most identifiable, neutral handsome cotton clothes and women’s style, the sweet belt, the recommended recommended makeup biased neutral or biased towards the sweet style of the Japanese sweet style. Choice .


Choosing the former will make the whole look highly handsome, choose the latter, will make the whole look more girl!

down jacket

With the cowboy skirt, keep warm and beautiful, but you need to pay attention to it. When picking down jackets, the color must choose clear light.

Pure white, rice white, rice gray, rice coffee color, khaki is suitable, you want to make a whole look more clear, you can choose cherry blossom powder, sky blue, apple green ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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