I have a height of 155cm, according to the need to wear high heels to improve “sea level”, but high-heeled shoes will be very painful, really verify that sentence, shoes, only you know, so When your feet are protest, you will find that a pair of comfortable flat shoes is about, so each woman’s shoe cabinet should have a pair of comfortable flat shoes, just for the foot, just my shoe cabinet. Added a new favor, I like the Kadina silk cloth drill decoration buckle with single shoes, the feelings of the beginning: low-key, luxury. The whole shoes help the noodles for silk cloth, the gloss of the gang is vague, the low-key and luxurious, of course, not so much, wonderful content look down

Fangshou is matched with dazzling drills, it is especially delicious, and the water drill is in the sun, the light is shining, and the beauty is.

9 mm high, go to work, shopping, shopping, the gospel of the feet, I believe that every workplace will take off the high-heeled shoes after get off work, such a pair can match the flat shoes with professional wear, you are really need.

The printing of the sole is not only exquisite, more non-slip, wearing a photo taken in the morning, why the middle part is brand new, because I forgot to remove the protective film of the sole, so it is guaranteed that the shoes are all Brand new.

Flat shoe is used to match a long skirt, the whole person is not very quiet, of course, the most important thing is still comfortable.


The shoes are really beautiful, please allow me to look at it for a while, quiet, single shoes are very practical, spring, summer can wear, cost-effective.

It is said that the fish and bear’s paw are not part, but there is no high heel, but it is comfortable, I think this is also perfect.


The drill is really bright, and it is more dazzling in the sun. It also stands out in the shoe group, my little short leg, can you ignore it?

The width of the shoe is about 3.5cm, which is a very delicate small head, and a more modified foot type.


Advantages: The entire context of low-key luxury silk cloth is equipped with a rhinestone with gold light, and the whole double shoes are very refined, 9 mm is high, and walking is not afraid. 5.5 cm backpack with height, walking without falling.


Disadvantages: The only disadvantage is that the upper is silk cloth, not particularly dirty.

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