The zipper is mainly divided into a metal zipper, a nylon zipper and a resin zipper. Today, there are many types of zippers on the market, and the downstream applications include apparel, aerospace, marine transport, national defense military products. In recent years, my country’s zipper products are from low-end, high-end development, and innovative enterprises continue to improve manufacturing technologies and product research and development capabilities. According to the statistics,

In 2020, my country’s zipper industry market is 45.5 billion yuan; my country’s zipper import in Juline, China is $ 116 million, an increase of 27.9% from the previous year.

Adhere to quality changes, efficiency change, dynamic change. Zhejiang Weixing Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Continued investment in intelligent manufacturing, high quality focus, establish a production reaction system for production, and mature,


It creates a R & D center to achieve a mold precision 0.5 microns, promote product design, and do automation. At the same time, try the Internet and entity economic acceleration, not only achieve large data tracking in the production area, but the Internet attenuating angle extends to the client, but the ordering link of the 2 day period is shortened by 2 minutes.

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