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The most practical costumes in the early spring will have to be a sweater. Whether it is a temperament woman can use a sweater to show personalities, wearing warm and trend, the knitted costumes have a set, there is a sweatshire, can meet A multi-style wearing need.

Knitted weave also has a prominent role in aging, and the appropriate way to reduce image age, so that the dress shows a rich and diverse charm, the style of knitted costumes and the style design of the matching products is very important. It is better to have superior appeits.

Chen Yuxi’s knitting, revealing her broth on her body, and the aging effect is very obvious, and the pure temperament has become more charming under knitting.


Chen Yuxi wears a girl with a sweater, with a long legs, and pure temperament can’t hide. Chen Yuxi dress is so high, loose sweater with hot pants, the legs of the legs have not hidden.

Chen Yuxi’s sweater with short pants

V-neckweed design characteristics

V-collar needle design is relatively loose, and


Fabric soft

It will not show a particularly strong profile, showing leisure characteristics, high wearing comfort, suitable for daily travel matching.

V collar reduces sweater



Increase the refreshing feeling, ensure that the clothes are all, the neckline is reduced, so that the neck lines are significantly large, wear more quality and attractive. The knitted lines are relatively thick, there is a large gap on the costume, with a sense of perspective, so it is suitable for


Guarantee to wear a decent.

White hot pants match charm


Hot pants are

Super shorts

And the personal effect of the fabric is better, and can show the charm of your legs as much as possible. The hot pants is exquisite, which can show trend personality, will

Girl temperament, lively


The sweater can cover hot pants, and the pants only have part of the edge.


Enhanced the visual sense of hot pants, also enhanced the personality and fashion charm of wearing, making the sweater matching more age, and more visual impact.

Fashion characteristics of the whole

sports shoes

The match makes the style of the dress more, and the girl feels from the fitness of the clothes, it is simple, but it is very temperament.

The match of the grilled fisherman has also improved the dressing, enhanced personal characteristics, and the line is

Thousand bird design

It is more lively than conventional grid, which can increase the exquisiteness and stylish atmosphere.

Suggestions for loose V-neck cloves

Pay attention to the highness of the neckline when wearing a V-neckweed sweater, if the neck is too low, you need to match the inner line,

One-word collar

Suitable for revealing, if it is

Round neck

or it could be


Try to be hidden in a knitted sweater to avoid being tired.

The sweater is mixed with shorts, and the requirements for the body are higher.

Leg type look

Women are more suitable for such wearing, if there is meat on the leg, try to make a pants that help to cover meat.

Knit sweater relies on individualized matching, it can also reduce image age. The age-age training can only reveal the body characteristics, and it can also perform lively and cute on temperament. Choose a knitted dressing of trend design elements, and you can have a fresh and sweet in spring. .

Chen Yuxi’s other aging knitting

Pearl sweater

The white sweater looks simple and clean, because the knit shirt belongs to a soft and simple costume, the temperament is not particularly exhausted, after white modification,

Gentle, pure


The breath will become more rich.

Knitted on white

Bead decoration

The rounded beads make the temperament become more elegant, and it can also highlight the wearing generous and cute, and three-dimensional decoration has a stronger impact on the image vision.


Short-sleeved knit sweater is more love, refreshing and fashionable design makes sweater



Casual temperament

It is not dull in the spring.

Short-sleeved sweater


Turning combination mode, matching

Narrow leg jeans

The effect is very advanced, narrow leg jeans wear, the image temperament has become profitable, and the fashion feeling is not absolutely combination.

Colored knit cardigan

The knitted opening is also practical and wild, and it is a very popular spring to wear a single product, and there are many ways to do with.

Dress, suit, half skirt

It can be combined, showing random, refreshing temperament.

Ultra-long style knit cardigans is generally more suitable for matching with dress, performance

Gentle, sweet



Wearing temperament, more age, and improving the body shape, making the body look high and thin.

Colorful striped design enriches the color of the knit cardigan, bright and elegant color combination, guaranteed

Visual comfort

It seems special fresh and literary.

Because of color



The way is combined, so the colorful look is not messy, the visual sense is not too much influence, the temperament is mild and atmospheric.


Knitted costumes have a strong role in aging, and women must learn to optimize the sweaters in the spring.

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