Easy and simple denim dresses, loose and non-waist version of the design, the following uses the style of the baby skirt, there is no excessive decoration, matching the naked sandals, very suitable for summer wear, then match the previous portable bag Very refreshing and easy dressing.

Loose straight denim dress + flat sandals + big single shoulder bag, this denim dress is actually the best match, the most difficult style, simple and practical, the color of the casual denim dress is not too big Change, as long as you pay attention to the level of layers, choose the accessory is the key, choose a one-shoulder backpack that can make this simple to match the three-dimensional, then equipped with a pair of sunglasses or hair band, add a lot of modern amentrip. .


Larcted with denim dress + brown boots + brown backpack, the bipy durouse dress is slim, it can highlight the body, and the belt can adjust the height, very well modified, with a short boot and the same color Small backpacks are more fashionable, some OL fians, you can also wear the colorful sunglasses and watches on the street, this group of denim dress is in the overall method of the picture, but can be in low-key Highlight fashion.

A light-colored denim dress with sleeveless design, a dark-colored straight denim dress, which is a high waist, can pull high waist lines, straight-edge denim dress can be worn directly, vexes with white shirts Wear, very cute, and then match the on-pair of elegant pointed high heels, full of femininity, is the shape of the date and work.

Sling denim dress + black sandals + sunglasses + other accessories, sling denim dress relative to other styles of denim skirts, more playful and sexy, summer directly wear some monotonous, except for black sandals, of course, Smartily use some accessories to embellish enough, sunglasses, necklaces, bags are well decorated, this group of wear combinations are worth learning, fashion and no sexy.

The loose denim dress can not only match sandals, or with shallow mouth canvas shoes, then match the inclined bag or straw hat, it is very suitable for travel or out of the street dress, give people a comfortable feel.


Retro denim dress + black frozen shoes + brown denim hat and belt, this set of matching is the real denim dress, western cowboy hat, denim dress, black scrub shoes and handbags together with a handsome wild feeling A belt solved a lot of jewelry that could not be dressed up, concise and atmospheric.


There is a bit casual bowl dress, the cloth cloth is relatively thin, the loose version is suitable for most body girls, simply matching a pair of white boots, and the lace is taking a wap, highlighting the body, matching A pair of boots that have a good boot is very charm, which is very suitable for the lively cute route MM.



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