The weather is getting colder, I can’t wear a loose short t at night, and the vest of the shoulders, many people wear long sleeves to keep warm, but as a delicate girl, how can I find a dress as a pajamas! Even if you want to be comfortable, you must be very fashionable! Let the small edior points 3 pajamas style, help you find your textile pajamas!

# 适 简约风

The first requirement of pajamas is definitely comfortable. In addition to choosing a skin-friendly material such as cotton, cotton and linen, select low saturated colors in the style of style, create simple visual feelings, even if they are not hi and horses at home, create a home But fashionable texture style.


# 知 知 气气 风


The silk pajamas has an elegant romantic style, filled with a woman, smooth and skin in the material, so it is very suitable for the rich and some sexy girls to be dressed as pajamas, both comfortable and temperament, even if it is only plain style Can show personal taste.


# 俏 美风

Many girls have a girl’s heart, which is not suitable for revealing, can showcase (laugh) during the home, so you can choose a more playful pajamas, such as: graffiti, printing, bits, if you are too worried Dreams can choose low-color, dark stylus, neutralized and sweet style.



See here, do you want to buy a “serious” pajamas? Hurry to find your favorite style, create a unique home fashion for yourself, become a delicate girl!

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