Some basic models, although the style is simple, but it can match a unique atmosphere, and full of fashion, such as sweater is one of them. Whether it is a male in winter,

I like wear sweater


Sweater has a hatred style and hooded style, and the style of the hat design is even more


However, there is still a suitable man who has a hat design, which can demonstrate

Full of vitality and refreshing effects.

Men should wear more after adulthood

Hooded sweater,

It’s time to be young and fashionable, learn Chen Feiyu will not be wrong, men are equipped with sweaters to consider the choice of non-strange style, can’t have a feeling of being beautiful, so the difficulty is more difficult, must pay attention to match

The sense of the atmosphere.

Select fashionable


Or a combination of a sense of ambience, is a combination of fashionable feelings that can improve the sweater, and men should wear more


Similar young and temperament, even Chen Hong’s son is also wearing, Chen Feiyu’s sweater is simple and very fashionable, suitable for men who are all age groups.


▼ pattern and style

Although the length of the sweater has a variety of different designs, but men’s


It is still common, it is not very lively, it is not easy to wear.


I feel better, but there is no prominent advantage. It is not satisfactory with a bad leg.

So most men wear sweaters, like to choose dark, including

When the pattern

It is also dark.


Brunette griller clothing has both temperament of sweaters, but also added

Retro temperament

It can easily match the more atmosphere of pattern.

▼ Atmosphere Tell Skills

Most of the clothing for winter wear,

As long as it is designed to be loose,

It is also more suitable for garment style, sweater is also the same, and the loose design is as long as

Match with skills

It is easier to show exquisite and lazy temperament.

Merry sweater matches the tight pants, although it comes out

Level sense

It is highlighted, but it does not necessarily show exquisite and advanced atmosphere. I can try to match vacuum pants.

Ordinary jeans

, Or wide-leg pants, etc..

Choose a vacuum-powered jeans, neither wear bloated effects, nor will it make temperament look too nervous. In fact, you can also try a hole.


Although the style is unique, the temperament is more fashionable, as long as the hole is not exaggerated, it can be naturally shown.


No choosable jeans, changed to sports pants, it is better to wear jeans more fashionable, legs long people wear, and short people can’t choose sports pants designed for tightening trousers. Otherwise, after matching fluffy sweater, the gas field will be too 慵Lazy is more fat.

Simple sweater is mixed with the combination of jeans, it is not very fashionable, it is enough to wear, just a very atmosphere of temperament. There is a very fashionable sweater for design loose.

Wear tips

It is a slightly long white bottoming inside, using a white long clothes to divide the two brunette clothing.

Some people choose to overlay shirts, but unfortunately, the sweaters in men’s clothing are small collar.

Stack shirt

It will be fat and swollen, so it is still a simple matching t-shirt, or is better, and the refreshing is not fat.

Brunette sweater and brunette pants

The temperament is equally stable and lively.

Therefore, it is more suitable to match light and color sneakers, brown lines, yellow lines and blue systems are good, and can choose green shoes according to the color of the upper grille.


Sports backpack.


The difficulty is relatively low,

As long as you don’t choose pure black, you are very steady with brunette jackets and trousers.


Sweater fashion matching skills


▼ Sweater of sports wind

The reason why it does not recommend everyone


The clothes are concerned that the temperament of pure black sweater is not unique enough, and the effect is single. Even if it is simply added


White striped decoration

The effects that can be displayed will be more characteristic.


White stripes will make black sweaters with sports, while replacing

Waist design,

Enhance the effect of increasing highlights and fashion.

▼ pure red sweater

Like solid color sweater, this clean and pure effect, may wish

Try to wear a red sweater.

The color is more dynamic, highlighting the temperament of the atmosphere, so it is very


Everyone can boldly select a variety of different colors of trousers, like a blue jeans, and the red sweaters are both young and refreshing.

Black pants

More handsome. You can also try to match brown pants, or beige trousers, highlight younger refreshing effects.


▼ classic gray sweater

Sweater gray version will be better than black

Color version is more practical,

The effect of matching is relaxed, with black clothing


Still very fashionable

Most people choose the colorful matching method, while gray and black combination, simple and refreshing, plus colored letter patterns will become more cool, plus stripes, more calm, replace

Surface color is not rustic.




Hooded sweater,

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