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In spring, Yunnan is in full flow, Honghezhou opened the industrial transformation and flowers, and the staff members also ushered in their own spring. They rely on technology to protect flowers, through creating fresh flowers, smooth bouquet courier, etc., to inject their own strength for the development of local flowers economies.

The spring breeze blows, the yellow windbell flower is swaying, making people seem to be in the fairy tale world. In Yunnan Province, the Honghe Hani Dai Autonomous Prefecture Kaiyuan City Yang Street Township, hundreds of acres of windbell flower competition bloom, and the surrounding people have successively played.

Once the old industrial city is far away, ending with flowers in the process of industrial transformation. The spring flowers market is in the peak season, and the local villagers have started industry workers, and they also started the garden restaurant, and the shake became “cavitation mers.”

Technical worker’s flower mission

In the intelligent greenhouse shed in the core area of ​​the National Modern Agriculture Industrial Park, the national modern agricultural industrial park, Push Peng is busy installing the machine on their own land. He was previously a truck driver and was forced to leave this industry after encounter a car accident. Later, entrepreneurship also lost debts, Push Pengcheng caught in the future.

In 2019, with the completion of the core area, 25 spent enterprises in the deployment of the flowers industry, local technical workers become hot. Because Pu Peng Chengxue has ever-engineered, Hungqiang “Juyang Horticulture” found him when building the first smart greenhouse in the park.

“At first, I followed the seedlings together. Later, I was on the electrician. I was responsible for welding the seedbed. After the worker installed in the machine equipment, I said that when the greenhouse was built, he also became skilled technical workers. The company also arranged him to study technology with foreign equipment experts and hoped to cultivate local talents.

Pu Peng told reporters that he is very interested in the installation of machine equipment. During the assistant, he would write steps under the steps, then go back to figure out, summarize the experience process. “Not long, the cooling equipment can’t run, the colleague checked the reason for the day. I used more than 10 minutes to check for more than 10 minutes.” Today, Pu Peng is now After enterprise is indispensable, after the machine equipment has failed, colleagues have to contact him for the first time.

“The equipment is broken, but it is not possible to burn the flower seedlings. After a period of observation, Pu Peng discovered that the loss of flowers of flowers can change several equipment and have a deeper experience on the technical responsibility on the shoulders.

After a few years working in the flower enterprise, Pu Peng slowly became interesting. Seeing the workers’ skills, he will also ponder the skills, and they will be excited in the scale of the flower market to see flowers in the Dunanhua market. “Thinking that I am also a molecule in the flowers industry, it is really a sense of accomplishment! “

Restaurant store garden dream

“If there is no development of the flowers industry, I may never think of the restaurant.” In the location of the distance from the Yuanshi Xiaowei less than 10 minutes, there is a garden restaurant that is full of flowers and landscapes, more than 20 varieties Flowers are not only the restaurant decoration, but also the edible raw materials on the menu.

The growth of the restaurant witnessed the development of the flower small town. In 2018, when the construction of the flower small towns, the architect could not find a restaurant to eat around. After the Huang Hai Bo, the villagers of the Honghe Sixi County, I wondered the opening of a restaurant. After talking about drying, after 3 months, the garden restaurant is completed, and the workers are willing to enter the store.

Huang Haibo frankly, I didn’t understand it when I didn’t have a drink industry. I thought it was planning several boxes, I found a few chefs, and the waiter could do it, and more and more consumers came to make him feel some response, “Many people Following the card video, I can’t keep up, and the reputation of the restaurant will be affected. “He said.

In 2019, the construction of Huaimou Town was completed. The tourists visited were more and more. Huang Hai Bo was determined to enhance the restaurant. “The small town is so beautiful, and the renovation of the restaurant has to be followed. The local flower economy, from the park to buy beautiful floral seedlings used to decorate the restaurant, not only highlighting the theme of the restaurant, but also extremely domain characteristics.

Once an accidental opportunity, the flower employee in the restaurant dining suggested that the yellow sea wave, put the flowers into the dish. “Taking the flower is a vegetable” make Huanghai wave very excited. “. Huang Haibo and his wife have worked together to develop new dishes, and constantly learn from the cases of the case, finally design rose cake, rose fried egg, sweet and sour rose, jade lotus 洋 洋, 桂花 心 肉 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 创 好 创 创 花 评 评 评 评 创 评 创 评 评 评 评 评 花 创

A series of floral activities such as new varieties, floral skills, flower show, have brought huge passenger traffic, and customers all over the country and even foreign customers dine in Huanghaibo. “29 tables have to turn over the four or five tables every day, and the daily traffic is nearly 300 people, from 10 o’clock in the morning, I have been busy at 10:00 in the evening.” Huang Haibo said, the day of the daily and flowers make him full of happiness .

Flowers brought by logistics

During receiving a reporter, the WeChat group received the order from time to time. After half an hour, he received 5 orders. She told reporters that the flowers in the group were able to distribute them to the consumer home next day.

White snow typing is closely related to flowers logistics, mainly responsible for transporting flowers planted with flowers and villagers to Kunming Fighting. In this process, the careful snow finds a lot of flowers in the Kaiyuan market, such as high-end roses, planta, calla, and the like. As a result, Ski often gave a few bouquet of flowers when returning, and also established a WeChat group convenient to communicate.

The reporter noted that the flower planting area of ​​Kaiyuan City was 95,300 mu, which produced a fresh cut flower of 597 million branches. Most of the flowers of the flower enterprises were ordered to sell at home and abroad. It is difficult to buy high quality flowers in the local ordinary citizens. Snowy frankly, local ordinary citizens and flowers were like a layer of yarn, only to know how flowers, but they couldn’t say specific varieties, so they were very happy to intend to popularize flowers.

Since then, Snow is often shared in the group. More than 1300 people. “The group is the acquaintance of acquaintances. It is a person who really likes flowers.”

Snow, I still remember, a man in Chengkou County got a flower order, gave a wife in Kaiyuan City. The two have never been twisted in different places, and a bunch of flowers help solve the two of the husband and wife, which makes the white snow have a sense of accomplishment. “Turn flowers into the daily life of Kaiyuan people, so that the public achieves flowers freedom.” White snow hopes, delivering through a bunch of flowers, injecting its own power for the development of flowers in Kaiyuan City. (Reporter Zhao Lihao)

Author: Zhao Lihao

Source: Workers Daily

The flowers here are all in all, “caravans messenger” enter the peak of the workmanship

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