I don’t know when I start, gray sports pants into a Chinese boy’s dream of love.


Whether in the subway, on the road or university campus, it has become the highest quality of the shirt, and even the rumors,

“Gray Skill is a black silk”


In the end what happened? ? ?

Every boys have a gray sweatpants, if not, there are two. A year, four seasons, gray sports pants are ranted in the list of male consumers’ favorite pants.


It appears in the OOTD of Xiaohong Book, and also appears in a post in Tiger.


In the university campus, the boy wearing gray sweatpants can make a connect, but you look down, oh, it’s still wearing it.

In the Sanlitun and other tide blocks, a Thom Browne’s striped sports pants are synonymous with “trend” + “not bad money”, although you can’t divide the gray sports pants that you can’t get on your gray sports pants are not fake.


The star with the same paragraph, wearing it is the most powerful 崽 of Sanlitun

When some people still show their ankles for winter dressing, they have been articulated by mothers, others have mastered the fashion password of “soil to the ultimate is the tide”, followed by a lot, Skull pants pants legs into the socks, so that this is swollen to be swollen.

The popularity of gray sweatpants, like the pendulum of the socks, is called metaphysics. Because rationally objectively look from all angles, it is not the most ideal pants of men.

Is the gray sports pants really fashion? Stylish Dali Lagfi has a famous saying, “Skirt is a failure”. In a lot of fashion people, when a man began to wear sports pants, he has already given up.

Even in sports pants, gray sports pants are not excellent. Most boys will choose loose models when picking up sports pants, black sports pants are ok, but the fat gray sports pants will really make this unfortunate.

I’m not careful, I have a radipper.

Is the gray sports pants wear? This is true. Once a boys find the most comfortable one from the Wangyang sea of ​​gray sweatpants, he may not want to change his trousers in this life.


A Zhizhi netizen thinks that the man’s love for gray sweatpants also has a regional factor.


“Since last year, I came to Beijing to study and passed a winter. I also began to wear the same sports pants like autumn trousers. Beijing winter fog is scratch, the soil smoke is sticking to you, walking on the road, you don’t know I have a lot of soil in my body.

I walked through the white trousers and found it with a few days. →→ → turned into gray (color deeper)

I walked through black pants and found it in a few days. I got it.


In any case, you are very uncomfortable, you have to wash your pants.


But if wearing a gray pants, even if it is gray, it is gray, it is judged.


Comfortable, dirty, wild, these are all popular reasons for gray sportswear, but if you think that gray sportswear is only too much, then it is too small to see it.

When we search for “gray sports pants” on the Internet, we were surprised to find that the gray sports pants conquered is not just men, there are many women.

There is girls say that when you look at the boys who wear gray sweatpants, I know what the boys look at the girl to see the woman. Other girls’ hobbies are dancing in a gray sweat. The chasing girls called on the majority of male love beans to wear a gray sweatpants.

Love bean brother practice dancing in gray sweatpants

After a serious surfing on the Internet, we finally found the popular password of gray sweatpants.

The reason why gray sports pants can attract different orientations, in addition to exposing abdominal muscles and waistlines like all sweatpants under Putian, is also an absolute advantage:


Compared with darkness, gray sportswear is more proud of the male, and can outline the outline of the male key part, if the intersection is unlimited.

American actor, singer Nick Jonas


Although everyone loves gray sports pants to make black silk, the sexual charm of gray sports pants is actually quite concealed.


It is more like a half-hidden forest nose, a blue dress of a chestnut, a white head sweater in Jingchuan, is pure, and the inner color is full.


“Pure Ceiling”

The desire of gray sports pants is more like a homework. It lets people think, a messy boy climbed from the bed, just grabbed a gray sports trousers, it was a sexy full of sweat and feelings.

Both the muscles that only put only one underwear, the boy who did not retain the muscles, “I still have a half-faced” gray sportswear is easier to let people think, curious.

This is not our crap. Black sportswear is just a simple sweatpants, but

“Bodhisattva” “Pending Cat” “Wiping Men” has long been an associated vocabulary of gray sweatpants in contemporary speech.

That’s why gray sports pants are short and fat, but still in sports trousers.

At this time, we finally understand why wearing gray sports pants dance and become a lot of shake boys’ traffic passwords, about this is the “twisted twisted” of sex plate.


Drop trailing, the wind of gray sweatpants has been scraped for six or seven years. Not only the domestic, foreign boys have also learned the “significant” achievement of gray sports pants.

If you search for gray sweatpants abroad, it will tell you that gray scholars are “The Pants That You Should Wear When You Hang With your girl;)”, even showing the same time about gray sweatpants Screaming dialogue:

LACY: DID you see Aiden Wearing Those SWEATPANTS!?

Kerry: Omg Yes, He Did it for us to see!

Trimness on gray sweathers in urban dictionary

Foreign boys will also be set in autumn and winter

“Grey SWEATPANTS Season”


When the temperature is getting cold, the boys can finally embrace their beloved gray sweatpants without any scruple.


As early as 2015, Buzzfeed published a article called “Gray Skirts is the most important thing” of men. However, in fact, the linkage of gray sports pants and sex tension may be traced back to earlier.

American Black writer Nichole Perkins recalls that she has gone through a website called BlackPlanet, which is an African American online community launched in 2001. On the website, many boys will take photos of their own gray sports pants, there will be girls’ comments, “Do you also see what I see?” Other girls will reply “I have seen.”

In this way, gray sports pants have become a kind of way to express sexual charm. Perkins believes that

This is a way that the most safe showing your own gods, but I don’t have to worry about being laminated by society.

“Different body-type men – even if there is no picture of Chris Hemsworth (” The Avengers’ “in the” Thunder “of the Thunder of the Thunder (here) can also get the attention they want.”

In Twitter,

#greysweatpantschallenge (# Gray Skirt Challenge)

It has always been a hot topic.

When the oldest morning, the boys were only keen on the ideal sports pants they bought, and later evolved into gray sweatpants and show off their size.


The earliest gray sweatpants challenge is still very simple


However, in 2016, things gradually develop in the strange direction.


Under the topic of #greysweatpantschallenge, more and more strange things began to appear in the crotch of boys. Banana, python, pet dog, suitcase, flat-screen TV, Christmas tree, musical instrument, human formation, or even … roommate. It can be described as a hundred.


Pull the topic, based on the data of the global fashion search platform LYST, the sales of gray sweatpants increase year by year. 2019 increased by 14% year-on-year in 2018, a 30% increase in 2020, 9-2nd months and 3-4 months are search peaks of gray sweatpants.


In a sense, gray sports pants have great significance.

Male don’t have to spend thousands of pieces to pursue suit, they only need to spend hundreds of pieces, you can buy gray sweatpants wear in autumn and winter.

The pleats and shadows of gray sweatpants can make the best possible advantage, cover disadvantages, and a foreign boy describes it as

Man’s Route Bra

. The girls purchased the trusted bras may need to buy, but no gray sweatpants in the closet of the boy. It is precisely because it seems so ordinary, the talents feel so unexpected.

Another interesting phenomenon is that men have appreciated the feelings of women who have been substituted in the past.

When they put themselves in gray sweatpants, please comment, praise or vomiting, such as the commentary, will always appear.



Written text: floatingstone


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