Open the door, today, the young girl wants to introduce a bag, Loewe’s Puzzle Bag, this cargo brushed the foreign fashion circle from 15 years. It is now necessary to introduce this package for it.


Loewe is a luxury brand from Spain. The main products are all kinds of leather goods and advanced, initially founded by a group of Spanish handicrafts in 1846, and now has a history of 170 years. After receiving the new heads in these years, the style of Loewe is getting more and more young. This Puzzle Bag can be said to be the most representative single item.

It’s because the shape is like a puzzle, and it has got the “puzzle package”. And it really folds all kinds of shapes like origami, or even folded until completely flat. This bag has 5 different back


Many boys and girls generally need to pay attention to the boy is the same, the boy is the same. So when choosing, the boy must choose the largest number, the little and the feelings are not suitable for boys.

Then it is the color selection, brown and black are very suitable for boys. Others are too bright, and some depths of blue and green are also worth reference.

There can be different feelings for adjusting the shoulder strap to different lengths. There are three more common time when boys are back: a single shoulder back, miscarriage, or it can be used as a bag.

Messenger is the most man in the back of the back, and there is a street feeling.


Boy will use it as a bag, it may increase, but the possibility of mother will also increase.


Adjust the length of the shoulder strap when you shoulder

Or you can choose the most natural portable, but also compare.

If you want to buy this package, you should recommend black.

————- End ————–


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