If the Lei Jun has more love “tight leg jeans”?

Every time I possess, you pay attention to the new product he released, I am concerned with a small number of netizens, it is tightly tight pants legs and pants up.

Meet the big jeans to wear jeans, go out to take the high-speed rail jeans, participate in the activities are jeans, and the previous version is quite loose. In recent years, it has a getting trend.


As a symbol of freedom, it originated in jeans from the golden boom, from the 1950s Hollywood star and 60th year “Hippie”, there is a social meaning of the youth, expressing decadent self.

The independent open spirit represented by jeans is also the gene of the Internet, which is implanted in the heart of the Silicon Valley. In the 8th, the 190s, Jobs, Bill Gatez, etc. Silicon Valley, the same enthusiasts.


Get into the new century, Zuckerberg, Mask, etc., “clothes”, and the wind of cowboy from Silicon Valley, blowing to China “Rebus”, “Jabs”.

But just like a lot of netizens spit, the lower body is thick.

Erroidly will be too tight, the more expose the body defect.

What is the correct opening method of jeans?

First pants

Mainly watching the tightness of the hips, thighs, and knees parts, usually can be divided into 5 types:

In fact, most people

Can be directly excluded: Skinny’s tight (Lei Jun’s same paragraph) and loose hip hop wind



The tight is completely reversed, and it cannot be modified.


Just like standing factions, the legs of the legs are more thin and thin, and the crude people are more fertilized, and the legs are originally originally exposed.

There are only two kinds of people wearing hip hipping: I really play hip hop and “Ding Ji” -Justin Bieber


Slim / standard / loose

In the trousers, according to





This section of the different width design is:

Three tapered, straight, microhamia.


Therefore, the final is the safest,

Common and fashionable jeans pants are six of the following.


Many people mentioned

Levi’s 501, their version will also be improved in the year, such as being sought after by people.

47, 55, 66 (1947, 1955, 1966 pants) substantially 2 (Slim straight), 4 (standard straight), 3 (standard conical).


The original color classic classic of Qiao Gang’s favorite is a thorough loose straight (6).


According to the pants type


After understanding the trousers, you should choose your own pants according to your own figure.

Still in the case, I will replace the mainstream six trousers, and I found that any of the other temperaments will be better than him now.

In particular, 3 standard cone, plus the effect of water washing, so many men can enter and leave casual formal mergers and add points.

Of course, not everyone is like the total body of Lei, then we put the size of the men in the proportion of the upper and lower body.

Divided into five mainstream types: inverted triangle / trapezoidal / rectangular / elliptical / positive triangle

We didn’t have fallen in front of the tripod and trapezoids, and it is basically that six mainstream trousers do not step on the thunder. It should be noted that the calf is too thick.

The three are the focus needed to modify and explain.

Rectangular: Slim jeans

Will be more suitable for you, and you will feel the feeling of spirituality.


If the legs are straight, we can wear a tapented trousers if the legs are not straight.

Oval: Select straight pants, standard straight to loose straight.


It is mainly able to make the thighs not tight, and the excess fabric can be used to leave a 3 cm cloth, but don’t have more.

Positive triangle:


The lower plate is a representative of the rough body.

Standard conical and loose narrow feet

It is a representative trousers of the roll of the legs, allowing loose thighs and tightening calf to form visual illusions.

Volume OR is not roll, it is a problem


The trousers have decided that your presence is neat or awkward. Many boys will be stacked in this, or the roll is too high, just like thundering.

Normal reasonable range can be referenced


Men’s trousers’ troupe criteria to grasp,


There are 4 lengths: full fold, half fold, 1/40% off, no fold.

If the leather leg exceeds the above four, you can do a corresponding operation.


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