The female star of the entertainment circle, especially a good female star, seems particularly keen to wear high-ground deep V, such a dress can make it better to show the charming sexy body! [Heart] [Heart], such as the following actresses [赞]


Scenes, a black ground deep V skirt, the upper body is wearing a hollow lace sleeve, a small face, long hair, pendant! Like the people in the painting, beautiful!


A pair of white long legs, especially sucking, like a rose quietly bloom!


2. Yang Mi

Yang Mi, the shining bag hip set skirt, charming eyes, flame red lips, sexy white silk long legs honensize the entire picture!

Such a big power, there is a kind of cool king’s gas [more than the heart]

3. Joe Xin

A small beter-shoulder high-open skirt, tall body, the whole picture is passed by this pair of white and delicate big legs [more than the heart] [more heart]


Have to say, Qiao Xin’s fork dress is wearing, put the advantage of the original long legs, more beautiful [more than the heart]

4. Di Li Hot Pub

The black high-open trip sleeve sleeve skirt, plus elegant bruises, it is Yu Sister Fun, sexy!


The white long-legged show, puts the strength of the hotspop, showing full of self-confidence!

Which actress is like dressing?

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