In addition to black and white, I believe there should be a military green pants in the men’s closet. For men who love work style, green single is domineering and hard, and there is a man taste.


“Army Green” pants are unique from the version or color, so the modeling effect is dense. If you want to promote the tide man, you may wish to learn together.

What are the matching skills of military green pants?

1 colorless match

Dressing is tips and vision, and if you don’t wear, you should reduce the color as much as possible, so that overall keeps in a balanced state, avoiding the shape of being too cumbersome.


The biggest advantage of colorlessness is not easy to make mistakes, and can reduce the rope of the army’s green pants, so they can say that they are the eternal color of the fashion circle.

When the military green pants take the colorful match template, the best solution is “Army Green + Neutral Color.” The neutral colors used as the color of the fashion circles, and the color was fashionable.


In addition to the perfect way to control the colors of the trousers, you can also show your body and shape. The charm is not easy to go wrong when wearing a dress.

2 match black

As an example in black top, such a color costume is not only generous, and no matter whether you are black and thin, or a brighter, you can get a black test.

Generally, this black dress is more suitable for the choice of the green pants to match when they are mixed, and the overall appearance will be more bonded, and the color difference between the top and down is not big.


3 matching white

Of course, there is black in black. Use “out of the mud without dyeing” to describe the white blouse is the best, as a wild single item like a fashion circle, but it is not only a styles of advanced trend, but also one of the fashion essential elements.

Worried that the military green pants are too high-profile, choose to use white tops to match, can create unusual shapes, and the gas field is also unique.

The military green pants have a high waist design, and there is a low waist design. If you want to put the jacket, then I personally suggest that the design of the high waist is selected, the line will be more prominent, after all, the proportion of men is also important.

Do not use the army green pants designed by the bouquet, the version is more smooth and three-dimensional. It can be well modified, it seems that there is no natural, a white T-shirt, the image is more differential.


4 with a shirt

Shirts are used in any way, like God’s general existence, as a formal casual single product, easy to say more and fashionable. With the random shirt, it is very suitable for everyone to build a street style.


The full buckled shirt is worn, which can make the shape of more free, simple in the green pants, and the rich men can wear. The loose jacket shirt is more suitable for thin boys because the version is loose, and it will not make the body look too thin.


In addition, there is another use of white blots, that is, doing internal, minimally white T-shirts with grilled shirts, increase layers, can highlight with natural breath.

Whether you choose a low-waist military green pants or a high-waist army green pants, the shape will not be too bad, increase the literary breath, can also make the image look fresh atmosphere.


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