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Sharing the most classic fashion dress, so that you can make a high-level sense in the four seasons, women are not lacking, only lack of stimulating skills, will wear, let you become an elegant woman with taste!

It is mentioned that there are many men who have pink, because pink is mostly in girls’ costumes, women’s products, and the bonkeys or wearing costumes have little pink.

In fact, the color itself is not a gender point, but everyone has given the meaning of color cured in life, and boys can also wear pink. The pink temperament is relatively soft, but it will never weaken the male’s hard feeling, but in the basis of consolidating male temperament, give men gentle, fresh rhyme, highlighting teenagers.


Men in 30 years old can wear a pink single item, and the aging effect will be obvious, and it can shape the image of campus.

How do boys wear pink? Looking at Gong Jun knows that the sweater shirt can wear a sunshine. Gong Jun is really a sunny man, wearing a pink sweater show young temperament, and there is a fan.


Gong Jun’s pink sweater

Sweater color characteristics

Pink can also be divided into different types, and watermelon powder is a pink, pink and red fusion makes a lot of colors.

Watermelon powder color



Have a lining skin color, improve


Role. Watermelon powder is simple and clean, and it can improve the sweater in the sweater, showing gentle temperament.


Sweater is a leisure sports costume,

Be shoulder style

The sweater is loose, and the male is suitable for costumes with large number of yards, so the effect of the shoulder shoulder is better.

From the style of the sweater,



Round collar

More aged, the neckline of the hooded sweater has a lot of drawstring, the drawing of the string can make the wearing a lively, so the image is more young.

Sweater trend

The sweater is simple, but the jeans can be combined with sweater, and the male leg type is fine. When choosing jeans, it is not advisable to reveal legs, loose money is more attractive.

So you can match the sweater




Jeans, combined with sweaters, don’t need to put sweaters in pants like women, sweaters directly cover their trousers, wearing a chic atmosphere, and the size ratio will not be hidden.

Pink sweater coloring

Watermelon powder has a deeper, deeper than general pink, so you can choose in your match.



The color, watermelon powder with red hue, so you can use watermelon powder to match the red single product.

But red with pink

Color impact

Still very strong, you must use


Do a modification, so


Color transition

Can be more natural.

Gong Jun’s pink shirt

Color characteristics of shirts

Shirt is

Light and leisure

Single items, the temperament that it passes is very fresh, so it is not suitable for modification with a strong pink, and the pale pink is placed in the shirt.

Light pink

It can make the shirt to pass the charm of fresh sunshine, and ensure that the charm of shirts and color charm can be integrated together. Pet pink is more than watermelon powder, because the color concentration is low, low brightness, and the temperament is more soft.

Shirt dressing charm

Shirt is suitable for fashion items for spring and summer, suitable for


To wear, minimalist style design can highlight men’s chic.

Daily casual shirt can be matched


To wear, use the foundation T-shirt as a gentle breath that makes the pink shirt makes the sunshine teenager.


Shirt trend

Speaking of shirts, many people think of matching




Such a shirt, there is no problem, but it will weaken the inductance and the teenager, affect the wearing effect.

Want to create a teenager can choose




, Sports shorts or Bermuda shorts can be used with shirts, which is more energetic.

Pink shirt coloring

The pale pink color scheme is also a variety of light, the same light blue or yellow can make the decorative color in the shirt, enhance freshness.

Other items can choose black or white, white can improve the brightness of the image, increase the sun warmers that wear, can play a stable rhyme, let the wear fashion, but will not be too young, keep men The hard rhyme.

Is there a lot of harvest? Male wear pink can also be very attractive, pink is very low in gender, as long as the clothing style, color temperament can be displayed in a positive way. So this year’s spring and summer is not as good as a pink boy, showing youthfulness.


Master the seasonal fashion elements and become a delicate person! Don’t play tall, just talk about the latest dry goods, let you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and comprehend!


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