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2021 has been adjacent end, I believe that many worth friends want to be able to run, so no more suitable than buying a watch ~


This article is 10 more well-known watch brands, and gives some models that are relatively sold in each brand, the cost-effective model recommendation is recommended, and everyone is good based on the budget choice to fit the personal temperament.

▼ First, a world famous list rankings list, buy, do not buy it, everyone collect it ~

The lap has been sentenced, “” can be beautiful, it can be unauthorized, can be unfair, one is always for all “, refers to the beauty, Tissot, Longines, Omega, Rolex’s brand, is from entry to advanced Priority order.

Of course, the Rolex is not the top echelon, and there is also a treasure, Lang, Jiang Shi Doint, Patek Philippe, these giant.

▼ Another mainstream countrybed brand list, with seagulls, Fei Yada, Shanghai, Beijing has self-made movement capabilities.

Shanghai, Beijing’s style is relatively old, not suitable for young people, and seagulls and flying Yada are more popular.

King, Rossi, Evis can be called the second echelon, mainly using Japan Miyota and Switzerland Londa movement, with a design based on design, with a lot of choices.

· Seagull

The seagull is a brand I like, the old brother of domestic watches, as early as seven years, will enter the international market, is the pride of the Chinese.

Familiar with seagulls know that the seagull movement has always been very good and is the most exported movement of the export volume. Currently, the three major mechanical forms of the three major mechanical tables have been overcome, and the world’s high-end mechanical table should be said that the seagull table is also available!


Early ago, the seagulls were also substantial through the ETA and the West Tert City movement, and the technical strength was quite strong. There is also something, I have heard that many high imitation world famous forms are fake, and they have to be reliable when using seagull movements. It is really a crying.



The movement of the seagull table can be divided into:


Ultra-low-end movement series: ST6, ST16


Medium and low-end core series: ST25, ST17, ST21

Mid-end movement series: ST40, ST18, ST19

Top movements: ST80

Recommended for the recommended start-up:

1 Seagull National Series Machinery Men’s Watch 819.12.6075


ST17 Mechanical Movement | Power 37 Hours | Type 40MM | Sapphire Glass Homework | 50m Waterproof


The seagull national series cost is relatively high, the movement of this table is ST17, which is a medium and low-end grade, suitable for students and newcomers in the workplace.

Simple refreshing dial, textured leather strap, and a steel strap. It is usually equipped with positive clothes, and it is a hundred times, just need to be in.

2 Seagull National Series Mechanical Men’s Watch 816.362


ST2130 Mechanical Movement | Dynamic 42 Hours | Terrace 40mm | Sapphire Glass Mirror | 50m Waterproof + Male Window

The most popular one sold in the seagull national series can be used as a couple, the movement is better than the above, and the power is more powerful. In addition, this dial is more practical, and more practical, the whole is also a good watch, suitable for commuting to work.

▼ The sea gull has a D519.405L in the table, and it is also very worth starting, the movement is also ST2130, the brood belt is more retro hipster.

3 Seagull Masters Series Monthly Mechanical Men’s Watch 819.11.6092

ST2153 Machine Core | Power 30 Hours | Terminal 41MM | Sapphire Glass Homework | 50m Waterproof + Male Window

The three-needle moon is that I personally think that the seagull is the most worthy of the best, the design is very international big card, and it is like a treasure, and there are 10,000 yuan!

The moon phase is one of the processes of the senior tab, this should be the best price-priced month-priced price, which can be used.

Young people’s first piece of machine form


The boy girl is very nice.

In addition, this is a series of watches, and there is a series of space created products. It is said to commemorate the success of my country’s spacecraft, it is quite meaningful, when the new year gift is a good choice.


4 seagull pays tribute series retro timeline table 819.17.1963


ST1901 Manual Machine Core | Power 30 Hours | 38mm | Organic Fraser | 30m Waterproof

Finally, it is recommended a series of seagulls, which is a commemorative air flight chronograph, which is also the first chronological table of China’s independent research and development. Red Star, Golden Words, and “Tianjin Watch Factory” on the dial, with a strong sense of time and China imprint, whether it is self-contained or collection, is a good choice.

· Fei Yada

Fei Yada, currently in China’s only watches listed companies in China.

Since 2003, a professional space sheet has been designed for China’s manned spaceflight, since then, we have the title of one of the world’s three aerospace tables. Including the launch of the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft this year, the three astronauts still wearing the Fei Yada Space Table Expiration Space.

It is worth mentioning that Fei Yada has developed a variety of automatic movements such as the arrival, the moon, and the flying wings, which only use it on its high-end table. Most common formulations, or the Swiss EAT movement or Japanese West Terraine movement, the price is relatively cheap.

1 Fei Yada Hunter series machine male watch DGA20000

Miyota Mechanical Movement | Power 42 Hours | Terrace 40mm | Sapphire Glass Mirror | 50m Waterproof + Male Window

Fei Yada’s cost-effective robine is very high, smile this configuration, less than a thousand yuan, just need to rush! The dial is clean and refreshing. When the classic big three-pin, there are two color colors in black and white. Among them, the white plate steel strip can be used as a couple on the table, there is a special gift box.

2 Fei Yada FANCY series mechanical women’s watch DLA30001

Miyota Machine Core | 31MM | Sapphire Glass Mirror | 30m Waterproof

The most popular red female watch sold by Fei Yada is the four-leaf grass, but I personally don’t like it, I feel too fancy. Instead, this is more unique in the figure, and the flyer disk is specially integrated in the sun, and a fish-type hollow is designed to embellish, surrounded by Bulingbuling crystals. It belongs to hundreds of times, entertainment and leisure or workplace commute can be controlled.

▼ Too high-end red female watch, you can also look at this heart string, red agate plate rose gold steel strip, diamond inlaid, more refined and advanced.


3 Fei Yada Space Series Mars-500 Commemorative Edition Meteorite Dial Machinery Men’s Watch

Miyota Machine Move | 42MM | Meteorite Dish, Sapphire Glass Mirror | 50m Waterproof + Male Window

The unique meteorite mechanical watch, I read the buyer show, better than the propaganda map, the tough case with meteorite surface, very textured. This is the “Mars-500” tenth anniversary of Fei Yada in 2021, limited to 500 pieces, and is interested in the mood of the might!

· Tissot

Tissot is what I think is a person who likes the Swiss watch and the best choice. A lot of people in Dai Tiansotou, I have just graduated. Tissot and Longines, the America, Omega belong to Swatch Swatch, but the brand is positioned in the middle and low-end market, so the price is very high, regardless of the mechanical watch or quartz table.

There are two main movements of Tissot table, one is the ETA movement, after all, the ETA movement factory is the Swatch Group. The other is the Tiaot P80 movement developed by Tissot and ETA. The power is 80 hours, and it is also the main movement of Tissot.


It is worth mentioning that the P80 movement is divided into basic paragraphs and observatory COSC certification, and it is more accurate and more expensive when walking by the observatory.

1 Tissot Locke Series Machinery Men’s Watch


P80 Mechanical Movement | Power 80 Hours | Path 39.3mm | Sapphire Glass Mirror | 30m Waterproof + Male Window


Tissot’s most classic is “Laock” Faite series, is to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Tianshuss. Absolute explosion, Jingdong sales 10W +, is a formal form watch that is closed.

Classic white disk strip steel shape is simple and dyed, the central area has made carved design, and there is exquisite carvings on the back. Can make a couple of money, have a variety of colors.

2 Tissot charted series machine men’s watch


C15.111 Mechanical Movement | Power 72 Hours | Wood 40mm | Sapphire Glass Mirror | 30m Waterproof + Male Window


Tissot charted a series of travel, the style is extremely simple, and there is a bit of the HOUS style. I like the personal super like to wear it.

▼ The same series is also this, the difference is that there is no calendar window, and the movement becomes a quartz movement. But the price is cheaper, which is suitable for the budget, and people who don’t consider the mechanical watch.

3 Tissot Duller Series Observatory Certified Machinery Men’s Watch

P80 Observatory Certification Movement | Power 80 Hours | Terminal 42mm | Anti-Glavish Blue Polish Glass Mirror | 50m Waterproof + Male Window

Tissotuus I think it is best to do very high-end atmosphere. The movement is the same P80 like Li Lock, but this upgrade is an observatory COSC certification.

Observatory core tables are generally high-end expressions in all brands, the price is expensive, but Tissot is less than 10,000 yuan, the price is very high. Moreover, the mirror has increased the material of the anti-glare coating. It is not easy to reflect when the light is irradiated, and the 42mm surface is also more gas.

4 Tianshu 2021 Tengzhi Unbounded Series Solar Intelligent Quartz Men’s Watch

ETA E32.001 Quartz Movement | Type 47.5mm | Sapphire Glass Hand Mirror | 100m Waterproof + Silicone Tape

Tissot invented the first touch screen watch in 1999, and there is a T-Touch touch screen solar range in many forms, and the main touch screen solar chronograph. This is the solar smart watch that has just been released this year, the appearance is cool, full of technological and strength, and girls who like big dials can also be worn.

Touch screen, see light storage, more than sunlight, any form of light source, no need to worry about charging problems. In addition, this watch can also download exclusive app, intelligent interconnection, implementation

Message call reminder / alarm / weather / timing / compass / record moving data


Waiting for functions. Daily business office and out fitness wear super practical.



The brand is located above Tissot, lower than Longines, and belongs to Swatch Swatch Group. It is also a hundred years old name, and has always been known as precisely, in all watch brands, the beauty passed the number of movements of the Swiss Observatory COSC certified, ranked 5.

Observatory COSC certification can be understood as “ISO Certification of the Watch”, and the certification is extremely stricter. The receipt of the authenticated movement will be identified, and the error is smaller every day. If you think that there are too many people wearing Tiaotou, it is easy to hit, so the mind is a very good choice, the niche has taste.


The movement of the beauty watches is also divided into two, one is the ETA movement of the Group, one is the Caliber 80 series movement of the United States and ETA, specializing in the Caliber 80 series movement of the United States. If the budget is, the preference is preferred through the surface certified by the observatory.

1 Shanda Belren Siya series Silicon Tour Observatory Machine Core Machinery Men’s Watch

Caliber80 Observatory Silicon Steam Movers | Power 80 Hours | Wheel 40mm | Sapphire Glass Hirming | 30m Waterproof

The US Belongya series is the first choice for purchasing the finishes. This movement surface is certified, 80 hours of long kinetic energy, the price is within 10,000 yuan, close your eyes!

The design is simple and low-key, and the natural shale texture is designed, with rose gold pointers, gorgeous and texture, is a fashionable.

2 Beauty Pilot Series “Rainbow Circle” limited machinery men’s watch


Caliber80 Mechanical Movement | Power 80 Hours | Terminal 40mm | Sapphire Glass Mirror | 200m Waterproof


If you have tired of all major brands of thousands of diving table patterns, you will like this replicared version of this replica. It is to pay specializes in the world’s 1961 rainbow circle, with modern technology to restore the classics of the last century, The world is limited in 1961.

Wearing in the hands of the brand is very enough, there is a diving meter, the decompression timing and other functions, the disadvantage is not very good to buy, there are only 120 in China.


3 Shanda Commander Series Hundreds Anniversary Rextervisual Machinery Men’s Watch

Caliber80 large calendar machine movement | Power 80 hours | Path 42MM | sapphire glass homoscope | 50m waterproof

Wearing on the workplace, we want to have some new ideas, and don’t want to be too exaggerated. The hundredth anniversary of this commander is still suitable. This series of primary calendar men’s watch, clean, profile simple dials, doing groove design, inspiration source of Eiffel Tower, is very atmospheric.

This, my colleagues are wearing, the real thing is much better than the picture! 42MM’s surface diameter, the appearance is very atmospheric, the rocking dial is also glossy, the overall recommendation!

▼ This also has an observatory certification machine core, expensive 3,000 yuan, crown and hous upgrade to high gold, independence day is more likely.



The brand of Hamilton is relatively small, but it is also a more tasteful choice, US brand, Swiss movement, unique design, cost-effective. With Tissot, Mime, Longines, and Omega belong to Swatch Swatch, positioning and beauty at the same level, but the movement accuracy is more likely.

The main forms have cards, American classic series, and jazz series. To say that this brand is most familiar with you, it should be frequent in various Hollywood blockbusters, especially in tough guys, there have been more than 500 parts of statistics. I found some hot style, everyone can refer to it.


Recommended for the recommended start-up:

Recommended for the recommended start-up:


Recommended for the recommended start-up:

Recommended for the recommended start-up:

1 Sir Hamilton Jazz Series Happy Men’s Watch

H-10 movement | Power 80 hours | Terminal 40mm | sapphire glass homoscope | 50m waterproof

This is a jazz family, which is directly designed to see the movement in front of it. It can see the movement of the movement in real time. It is very in line with the aesthetic, selling the comparative fire, and it is also very brand Identification.

▼ The same series is also “Yaoshi Palace: Beauty Meter” movie with the same paragraph, double calendar simple dial design, large three-needle, meticulous business watch.

2 Hamilton Khakha Wild Warfare Series “Star Crossing” Murphy Watch

H-10 movement | Power 80 hours | Terminal 42mm | sapphire glass homoscope | 100m waterproof

Khaki Wild Warfare Series should be the best sales in the Hamilton series, this is “Star Crossing” movie with a watch, style atmosphere. 100 meters waterproof praise, 42 dials are equipped with a small cow leather strap, the color and grade are relatively high.

▼ In addition, this brand is still a very hot American classic series, reissue version of the Panda disk, personalized! The interior of the standing boss, the recognition is extremely high, and it is particularly good to look at it!



Yongqi is in a single Swiss watch brand, it is definitely leading sheep, more than 180 years of history and craftsmanship, reputation outside, and the value is also following. I personally feel


The budget is less than 10,000 yuan, the budget is about 1-2w, must be Longines, the best choice.

Basic Longqin is the existence of a luxury brand goalkeeper in the watch ring, and it will be a luxury table from Longines and is safe and low. The Suolines core mainly include L619, L888, all based on ETA2892 movement upgrade. Among them, the L619 movement belongs to the basic paragraph, and the power reserves are only 42 hours. Advanced L888 movements reduce the amplitude, the length of kinetic energy reserves increased to 64 hours.


1 Longines Shangcheng Series large three-needle classic

L888 movement | Power 64 hours | Path 36-40mm | sapphire glass homoscope | 30m Waterproof + Male Window

The famous craftsmanship is the most popular series, and the status has always been standing, and the recovery rate is also high. Elegant style, simple, business casual can be worn.

This is the most classic crazy series, with a texture of a silver-white dial, and the Arabic digital time is a glimpse, the smart blue steel pointer is a highlight. Sticky steel chain table + back the end, the whole very well-duty.


▼ In addition, the famous family is newly launched, and the moon phase is added to the basic paragraph, and it feels high. The moon will change according to different star elements on the day of the day, very interesting. Stylized steel straps and belt styles are available, you can make a couple.

2 Yanqin Shangmei series eight-pin moon

L687 movement | Power 64 hours | Path 36-40mm | sapphire glass hidden | 30m waterproof

The eight-needle moon phase is the most complex, the most complex parts of the whole family, the most complex parts, the most functional, and the ceiling is called the ceiling in the rolling table. There are all kinds of functions such as all over – firms, timing, date display, price of 20,000, cost-effective. Everyday wear is staring for a long time, I have never been tired.

3 Longqin Kamas series

L888 movement | Power 64 hours | Type 41 / 43mm | anti-glare sapphire glass homoscope | 300 m waterproof


In the past few years, the diving table is hot, there is a Sports watch, and chooses the Kangkas series.

The best choice for the 10,000 yuan budget

. Many of its configurations are all other brands, and the counter is one quilt.

300 meters waterproof, all steel, ceramic rings, four colors, I personally recommend gray, boys everyday wear very upset.


▼ In addition, the Kangcas series has also had a rubber table with a rubber table this year, and the sports attribute is stronger, suitable for young people, and the color is high.

· Omega

Omega’s brand history can be traced back to 1848, which can be called luxurious all-round high-end watches, product quality and wellness are not lower than Roles.

And it can be used with Rolex wrench, mainly by the 8800-9900 series of self-production movements. Even if the entry-level 2500D movement, there is also a Swiss Astronomical Table Certification, the accuracy and stability are very good.


Omega watches have four classic watch series, namely: constellation, hippocampus, super tyrant, butterfly. The constellation series is suitable for girls, hippocampus series main professional diving tables, superfielded metals, butterfly series because of the entry-level 2500D movements, the price is the highest, and most popular, there is a lot of popular explosions.

1 Omega Disc Flying Series Machinery Men’s Watch


2500D Moves | Power 48 Hours | 39.5mm | Crystal She Mirror | 30m Waterproof + Male Window

Simple classic, a steady Omega disc flying series, this is the highest sales, can be said to be the preferred style of the disc flying series. The style is very wild, the configuration does not pull, the shell of the fine steel 361L is equipped with 2500D movement, Jingdong price is less than 20,000, there is no more budget but I want to feel the world.


Multiple dial colors can be selected, I think the bright blue is the best!

2 Omega hippocampus series diving meter

8800 Move | Type 42MM | Sapphire Glass Mirror | 300m Waterproof + Male Window

The Omega Hippocampus series has the highest diving table, deep sea blue dial is very eye-catching, engraved with wavy pattern. The case is a ceramic material, with a white diving 珐 珐 scale, coupled with the high-action high amed movement, accuracy and stability of the observatory, have passed the time verification, which can be said to be the hegemony of the diving table in the field.


Wan Guo is a watch brand that I personally likes, and Panerai, Langger belongs to the Hiragrand Group, the historical height, high value, powerful performance. I think the watch of Wangers gives people a very good feeling of high-end but luxurious, with a little elegant, very elegant, very much.

Wan State has a lot of series, including the Bai Taofino series, pilot series, marine time series, Portuguese series, etc., each series is more classic. The price of the hot series is basically between 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, and I think that the most worth buying in 50,000 yuan is a small prince and Portugal.


1 million Portuguese timed series IW371446 watch

69355 Move | Power 46 hours | Type 41MM | 30m Waterproof


This representative works, classic invincible appearance, classic invincible appearance, visibility and recognition are very high. The pointer and the time standard are all blue steel design, the visual effect is excellent.

2 million pirators series IW377701 watches

Cal.30110 Move | Power 42 Hours | Terminal 43MM | Sapphire Glass Homework | 60m Waterproof

The little prince is a classic pilot Mark’s 18th watch specialty. I once thought about it, the design is too good, classic practical. The image of the small king of the back carved is also the biggest highlight of this watch.

Transparent sapphire glass sheet + classic three large needle design, the value is no resistance! The large dial is 43 mm in diameter and is equipped with a homemade movement and brown calf leather strap. It looks very good to the temperament of pilots.


Panerai is a very unique brand. It was born in 1860. He focused on military production. Phase it up.


Its watch, the surface of the watch is more than 42 mm, the big half-month watch crown bridge is very eye-catching, the masculine tough temperament is really unable to copy.

As the Italian Royal Navy special watch, night vision and waterproof ability is the strength of Panerai. In addition, the detachable device structure of the strap is the unique patent of Panerai, and many of the fans like to replace the table, full of fun.

Panerai Luminor Series PAM01312

P.9010 movement | Power 72 hours | 44MM | 300 m waterproof + night light

Self-use, I originally went to buy a little prince, and the result was loved by this night! The strong housings, the eye-catching hollow night light scale, the classic bridge logo, is the three major identity of Panehai, this PAM01312, which combines all the classic elements of Panerai, which is very good introduction.

Jingdong self-storage price is similar to me to buy in counter, you can rest assured.


· Lange

Finally share a top-level brand: Lang. There is a saying in the watch line: German clock, Swiss table. It is a very deep skill and high-level handmade on the watch, whether in the deck or in the Swuri, is the first choice for a lot of low-key commercial success.

Hot watch recommendation:


Langge Saxony two needle tables


Saxony two-pin gold meter should be the cheapest Langge table, introduced by 100,000 heads, 37 mm size, the dial only time and division, is a typical formwork table, which is very atmospheric.


The use of the L093.1 manually on the upper chain movement, only 2.9 mm thick, but the power storage is 72 hours, the technology is outstanding. Although there is a simple disk, the landmark of Langge has, 3/4 splint, classic goose neck micro-tuning and polishing gold sleeve, each traditional process highlights the meticulous watchmaking attitude of the brand.

With a mainstream brand high-end steel meter, you can buy a gold table that Lange into the door. How will everyone choose?

It is worth mentioning that we are worth buying, the older, the most popular, everyday, the most wearing a watch is from Lange, it is really a taste. About more in Sui and Tung’s understanding of Langge watch, you can review this:

▼ To the worth of friends, you can also pay attention

“Core House” applet

It is all related to the watch. Including a watch interpretation of each model, one hand, etc., very much. You can also search for model query prices and parameters. The relevant breeding brokers are also displayed. I am used to picking up before going to bed at night. It is really convenient to use it.

More, I like to know some praise + collection, what?


Recommended for the recommended start-up:

Recommended for the recommended start-up:


Recommended for the recommended start-up:


Recommended for the recommended start-up:

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