The cold winter is coming, and the down jacket is on the fashion stage. Maybe you will be suspicious of the fashion of the down jacket, in fact, replace the color of the down jacket, you can easily say goodbye to the passerby, showing trendy and exquisite shape.

When boys choose a single product of the down jacket, the eyes tend to be too conservative and look for the most “wild” black down jacket. Indeed, the pure black color is really unfair, but at the same time, you also lost the fashion trend.


This winter, you may wish to change the color of the down jacket, say goodbye to simple and low-key pure black down jackets, from these five color colors. As long as you choose the color of the down jacket, you can easily show a fashion style of age, create a winter matching in the case.

First, the gray is simple but not

Although gray belongs to basic color, but when it combines this single product of the down jacket, it is not a small feeling. Unlike the darkness of the black, in the winter, the gray down jacket will make the shape look more light and show simple and non-valerious styles.

1 Select regular version not wrong

When choosing gray down jacket, you don’t have to make too much change, on the simplest version, you can change the color, you can make the matching, showing full youth. The short jacket down jacket that is visible everyday life, combined with silver gray color, and immediately become high-end, but the shape is simple but not fashionable.

2 can match the diversification

When making a match, the gray down jacket is not picky. You can choose dark or inner, with the color match that makes a deep shallow combination. You can also choose a piece of piece of pattern with caver, checkered, so that the match is added to the stylish.

Second, white highlight youth


As with the gray line, it is also possible to make the colorful white down jacket that looks light and full of white down jackets, which can also show a few more youthful feelings in autumn and winter. In fact, white down jackets are not uncommon in daily life, and they are able to make trend soaring, and easily integrate fashionism.

1 can be connected


In general, when pure white jackets appear in men’s shape, the whole person’s temperament will look especially fresh, and everyone will also add a few more teenagers. However, when you choose a white down jacket as a coat, you can justify it, you have a lot of choice. You can choose the most minimal black sweater, and you can also use the superimposed in-line, and the shape will not be violated.


2 pay attention to the color tone

Of course, this does not mean that when choosing a white down jacket, you can “play freely”, when you match, the cooperation of the tone will make the shape fashion. The most classic black and white color is not wrong. In addition, you can also try some advanced wear, use dark-colored and light-colored binding to present a decent shape.

Third, the beige is very literary


Although the beige down jacket is close to the white down jacket, it is still a big difference in style. The beige duvet takes the whole person to be more gentle, but also add a few pieces of literary atmosphere, and shape can also be made more refined.


1 Basic items are also very fashionable

When choosing a beige down jacket, even if you only match the most basic inner and trousers, the shape is still not keens. Although the beige is fresh, it will not take the temperament too much, but it will be a bit more and more warm.

2 Trend sense matching more eye-catching

When choosing a more trendless match, the beige down jacket can also hold HOLD. Whether it is a loose style wide legs shape, it is a street wind, and the beige down jacket can be combined with it to show the shape of the eye.


Fourth, caramel color down jacket has a man taste

If you want to shape a fashion style, you don’t want to make it too fresh, you can try a caramel color down jacket, shape a strong man taste. Compared with the black down jacket, the caramel color is more fashionable, but with this, the caramel color will not be too jumped, and the shape looks more fashionable.

1 dark color is more steady

When choosing a caramel color down jacket, you can make the overall matching tone more deep, excitation the stable breath. On this basis, you can add some bright colors, such as white shirts, extravices, etc., so that the shape looks more refined.

2 caramel color can also be “street”


Of course, the style of the caramel color down jacket is not stabilized to stabilize, you can also try to combine the generous manner, with some hip-hop winds or street wind standard configuration, such as exaggerated necklaces, knitted cap, etc., you can easily Rendering the most casual and casual style.


5. Light green down jacket style

There is also a light green color color, usually, light green is often a synonym of fresh and teenager, but in fact, the light green down jacket can shape a juvenile style, but also can create more styles.

1 different match, the style is different


The same light green down jacket, when choosing a different match, the style of the shaped is very different. If you choose a smooth pants, the overall matching looks more “巧”, but if you cooperate with a belly pants with loose feel, you will be highlighted.

2 deepen color display “hard”

On the basis of light green, in deepen color, the shape is more suitable for “tough guys”. At this time, there is no need for too much complex match. Simple color differences can make the layers of the shape increase, showing hard and uncomfortable shape.

What should I do if the winter down jacket always wears a way? Don’t stick to black, try to try these five color matching, there is always a need to meet your needs, help you create a different winter style, showing a superior and beautiful manifan.

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