Panties is intimate, comfortable. Summary is hot and easy to sweat, the underwear is best to choose from cotton or modal fabric, breathable, and high comfort.


Next, there are several men’s underwear within 50 yuan, the best price and price ratio.


Otherwise, the underwear is in different days.


UNIQLO / Uniqlo Supima Cotton Knit Shorts (Striped) 423849



The Uniqlo has been known for its extremely high cost performance, and the market performance is excellent. In 2015, Boston Consulting was released in the top 50 of the world’s most innovative enterprises, and the Uniqlo was ranked 15, which is the only clothing retail company. This panties adopt high quality Supima cotton weave, but the price is less than 50 yuan, which is close to half than the similar products in the market. Its fabric tact is soft and has good delay, and it is quite comfortable. The front kit open design can improve the gas permeability of underwear while it is convenient to solve. Deep styles ensure that private parts have enough activity space, unbainted. This underwear is available in Tmall, the price is about 40 yuan, can buy Supima cotton pants in such prices, can be said to be very affordable.


UNIQLO / Uniqlo Knit Shorts (Triangulation) 423533


The cost-effectiveness of the Uniqlo products is far-known, and its powerful supply chain integration capacity makes it strong to save costs, saving costs, making high cost of clothing products. This triangular panties use costs of US Supima cotton, but only 50 yuan is less than 50 yuan, compared with the same type of underwear than the market. Its fabric is soft and delicate, and it is comfortable when wearing it. Workmanship is adhering to the good level of the Uniqlo, and does not need to worry about the problem of open line. It has a variety of color optional, including bright colors, very suitable for fashion men to buy. This underwear is also available in the Tmall flagship store of the Uniqlo.



Bananain / banana 301P men’s modal flat corner underwear (3 pieces)


The banana is born in 2016, domestic e-commerce brands. Since its establishment, it has kept the industry’s surprising growth rate. In 2018, the turnover of the double eleven days reached 35.76 million yuan, which is the fastest new brand in the underwear industry. The banana product line covers underwear, underwear, socks, bra and home clothes. The 3 series is a series of homogeneous cost-effective. This 301p men’s underwear uses 40 Mordal fabrics, the touch is smooth, the high proportion of spandex makes the underwear have good elastic, so that the underwear is close to the body and will not follow. The convex pocket provides sufficient space for the privacy, and a slitted tailor is a wearing experience. It has a variety of colors, all of which are low saturation color, and active printing and dyeing is not easy to fade. This underwear is only about 30 yuan, which is suitable for consumers who often replace underwear.



Bananain / banana 301S male waist sexy trip (4 pieces)



The banana is born in 2016, domestic e-commerce brands, rapid rise in the past two years. This 301S cotton tripper, using 50 superfine combed cotton fabrics, tangible and soft and comfortable. With a consistent side of the banana and the convex pocket, there is no irap of breathing, only comfortable experience. In the banana, only the flagship store is opened in Tmall, and the products are sold in 3-4 combinations. This underwear monk is 25 yuan, the price is more real.


Jin Lilai Male Summer Thin Model Men’s Delta Four Pack



Jin Li is a brand from Hong Kong. Its Modal Triangle underwear uses 80 super fine modal fibers as a fabric, and the skin is delicate. The use of spandex makes the underwear overall, which is more durable than the cotton or pure Most underwear. Its crotch is a silkworm keriscope, which can inhibit bacteria to be produced to a certain extent and maintain the privacy department to clean the hygiene. The close-fitted cutting design, six low-key color colors such as thin and cool, black and white, suitable for mature men to pick up.


MIIOW / Cat 60 Moore men’s underwear Mof654118-222 (3 packs)


The cat is founded in Hong Kong in 1988, the product line covers underwear, warm clothes, home service, pantyhose, etc. This modal pants adopts 60 slate, soft and delicate, no roughness. Its crotch is used for silver ion antibacterial fabrics to inhibit the reproduction of Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and white candida to ensure private health. In addition, 3D stereo U convex tailor is more brought into human body shape and give private parts more free space. At the same time, a piece of non-trace of gelatin is placed in the trousers, soft and easy to roll, and ensure that underwear is firmly wearing. This undergar is available in Tmall, the price is around 30 yuan, there are multiple color matching to choose from.


Uniq Lo / Uniqlo flat shorts (stripes) 432016


Uniqlo this panties use 100% cotton woven, striped design looks simple and easy to relax, the fabric is also light and breathable, and there will be no feeling of stuffing. If you often replace the underwear, you don’t want to spend too much money, this will be a good choice.


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