Yin is a novice mother, and you will ask your baby to play downstairs before you ask other moms:

“My baby is 42 days to the healthy hospital medical examination. Doctors suggest that I have to give my baby a fish liver oil every day, is it necessary? Can you eat more sun every day?”

丫: “To eat, my baby has opened vitamin AD after 2 weeks later, and I have been three years old. You see him, resist the lever.”

Xin Ma: “It is a three-point medicine, and the cod liver oil can be eaten for a long time, it is easy to poison.”

Grace: “Calcium, eat vitamin AD, don’t eat fish liver oil.”

Angle Mom: “I am buying fish liver oil on Amazon, USA. Foreign food review is strict, I suggest you go abroad to buy more rest assured!”


Xia Yilton lost his mind, at this time, the mother-in-law around him was also angry:

“You are now in trouble now, our older generation has not eaten, isn’t it all good? You haven’t eaten it when you are young, it is good?”

Xiaoyin was completely covered, and he didn’t say that the doubts were still unlocked. However, with a lot of anxiety: how much not worry about raising a baby? ! This is also a problem, that is also a problem …

Fortunately, her husband saw that Xiaoyin recently didn’t rush. As a question, I knew the cause of the past, I clicked Xiaoyin’s shoulders, knocked down her head, this question is in me, you forgot my friend’s raindrops Sister? It is good to find her health problems.

Xiaoqiang found me, so there is this article. About calcium supplementation, many novice mothers have an endless level, what is the saying? Don’t eat fish, how to eat? Is it poisoned every day? After reading this, I believe you will have a few in my heart.

1: What is fish liver oil?

Generalized fish oil is the fat of fish, including cod liver oil. And the cod liver oil mentioned in our daily life is a narrow cod liver oil, which is refined by the sea fish liver, which is yellow-transparent liquid shape at normal temperature, slightly fish smell. It consists essentially of fatty acid glycerol having a higher unsaturation, and the main component is fat-soluble vitamin A, D.

2: What is the role of vitamin A and vitamin D of cod lobes?

The main function of vitamin A is to maintain normal growth, reproduction, visual, epithelial tissue, and immunization. When there is a lack of vitamin A, the baby is easy to catch a cold, and there are various infections, night blindness, dry skin drying, and other symptoms.


The main function of vitamin D is to promote the absorption of small intestine mucosa on calcium and phosphorus; promote renal tubule over hemodal absorption. When vitamin D is lacking, calcium phosphorus is reduced, which is easy to shock, sweating, irritability and bone change.

3: Why do you have to eat fish liver oil?

The human body cannot synthesize vitamin D. The vitamin D content is extremely low in breast milk, and the US Children’s Science Association recommendation (AAP) suggestion: Baby should guarantee daily intake of 400IU (international unit) vitamin D to one year old More than one year old baby should take a total of 600IU every day, otherwise it is easy to cause disease.

4: What is the difference between vitamin D and vitamin AD?


Vitamin D drops: mainly containing vitamin D, plus other vegetable oils or glycerol and other excipients.

Vitamin AD: is a mixture of vitamin A and vitamin D, and additional excipients such as vegetable oil or glycerol are added. At present, there are 500 units per vitamin A, which is common in vitamin AD drops in China, and vitamin D3, which is a: D ratio 3: 1.

5: Vitamin D and vitamin AD, which better?

In May 2016, the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention launched a key monitoring of vitamin A nutrition levels on 11,245 school-age children in 22 central and western provinces in the country. From the data, 0-3 years old infants are the lack of vitamin A, The vitamin A in the 2-6-year-old children in Beijing Pinggu District is completely lack of 38.9%, the edge lacks 48.5%, can be seen that the baby dimension A nutritional status is worrying, some children have added insufficient from the babyhood vitamin A, but will continue to the school age Expect.

According to the recommendation of “Subclinical State Vitamin A Lack” and “Early Medicinal Prevention Program”, the baby’s daily vitamin A added is 1500-2000IU, and the vitamin D added to 400-800IU, that is, a daily vitamin AD drops.

6: Do you need to add vitamin D every day?

When the sun is in the sun, how much vitamin D is not calculated at all, and the baby is a window sun, or wearing clothes, the sun is basically unable to directly accept sunshine, and the effect of generating vitamin D is not good. Therefore, regardless of whether the baby is sunburn, it is recommended to supplement vitamin D every day.

7: Do you need to suspend taking a fish liver oil?


If the baby is a diarrhea suggestion suspension, if it is a cold runny nose, cough, etc. can continue to take.

8: Fish liver oil (or vitamin AD, vitamin D) supplemented to a few years old?

It is recommended to add at least 2 years old.

Children over two or three years old can get more vitamin D through outdoor activities. If children often go out of the sun and drink milk every day, it is generally necessary to have additional supplements; if it is winter or long-term rainy day, baby If the physique is relatively poor, it is easy to picky food, or you can choose to supplement a vitamin AD daily.

Raindrop doctor summary

1: Just add vitamins to your child within the recommended amount, it is impossible to have poisoning phenomena.

2: The calcium deficiency is actually lacking vitamin D, and effectively supplementing that vitamin D is really calcium absorption.

3: The foreign moon is not more than the domestic circle. Domestic foreign diet is different, and the nutrient absorption of each child is different. The domestic cod liver oil production process has been very mature for decades. Please add fish liver oil to the baby. Please use the national certified preparation through the state to avoid supplementing foreign imported fish liver oil due to various reasons. Excess or insufficient phenomenon.

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I am a raindrop, a private family doctor of the 0-6 year old baby! Thanksgiving met, as a 20-year child care and pediatric clinical experience, national nutritionist, senior nursery teacher regularly confessed! There is a rainy spring and dry rain on the parenting road!

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