School of registration at the end of August 2021


registration time

Chongzhen Primary School and Kindergarten

June 1st to August 31st

High School Elementary School

June 28 to August 27th

Hong Kong’s many private primary school registration is in full swing, and some are about to enter the interviewer. For many parents, the interview is undoubtedly the road mark. Since the parents want their children to read, they must be prepared first. The following 5 directly privately entered the school interview. Familiar with the “interview set” in advance, and finally I wish you all the best!


5 Subprising Primary School Interview


Haqiao Academy

The Peko Academy has 164 different studies, and it has received more than 3,500 applications, that is, about 21 people compete for one. This year, a small interview is changed to this round of interviews to submit a short film. The school mainly assesss the ability to listen to the instructions. In the case of people, there are other people, vice presidents and director meet with the living habits of children, but also including Chinese and British knowledge issues, highlighting children’s Chinese and English skills, behaviors Performance, daily learning habits. The school does not advocate academic drills, and the parents should establish common reading habits with their children to encourage children to get along with other children.

tuition fee:

$ 25,300

Retreat quota:



No. 1, New Village Road, Sawei Sawei, Sha Tin


Bulk college

There is only a round of a small interview, and all applicants have a chance of interviews. In terms of collections, academic and non-studied performances, small one interview performance accounted for 40%, and attending the brothers and sisters of the school and the direct relatives of the school staff accounted for 20%. Small interviews include the performance of English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and the team activities. Interview group game and personal interview, Lu Weicheng principal said: “We will pay attention to the children in the game activities and communicate with other children; in a personal interview (with Cantone / Mandarin or English) performance.” He I hope that parents will look at small interviews in normal heart, and make Portfolio with their children, give them encouragement and positive feedback to increase their self-respect.

$ 21,300


Tseung Kwan O to Shan Street


Males Bureau Chen Shouren Primary School

The school has two rounds of small interviews, mainly in English, and all applicants can participate in the first round of group interviews, the game or task form, till and interactive. About 700 people enter the secondary group and individual interviews, and the assessment content is close to the first round of interview, but more emphasizes to participate in the participation and cooperation. After two rounds of small interviews, the school will invite parents to meet, mainly to share their children’s interview performance, and the teacher observes the strong weakness of children. Through the small interview process, the parents know their children. Yang President: “The most important child naturally reveals. Children can not speak when they interview, but as long as he is willing to tell, we will feel that he is a heart, and the school pays more attention to the interest of children.”

$ 19,800


No. 6, Haitang Road, Yau Tiandi


Hong Kong Baptist University, Wang Jinhui, School of Primary School

Each of the school is subject to interview with a 3-minute interview and personal files, while the interview short film has two parts. The first is a story speech, Mandarin or Guangdong candidates to prepare a Chinese story and an English story; English candidates Prepare an English story. The second part of the short film is talented performance. At the same time, up to 4 sheets of A4 profile (Portfolio) with short sheets. Some students can enter the second round interviews from September to October, the interview form will be carried out by individuals, mainly assess the social ability, communication skills, self-care ability, language level, and attitude towards children and active learning. As for the third round of interview, it is mainly deepened in terms of parent-child relationship, family support and school philosophy.

Local courses $ 39,900; International Course $ 42,600

Shatin Shimen Anhali No. 6


Hong Kong University Society Primary School


The school’s small interview is mainly conducted through the group game and individual interview, thereby observing the behavior of children, social performance, understanding and expression skills. The small interview includes reading, English basic words; assessment mathematical basic concepts, such as count, addition or subtraction, reasoning; life knowledge question and answer; interactive game according to the story and teacher; share the book content you read . Because Hong Kong pays attention to reading, the past teacher will tell the story, please ask the children to answer the question, or ask the children to see the Chinese and English books. And the latest arrangements have been in response to the epidemic, the school is not appropriate to do an entity interview, so the first stage of the original September 10, 11 or 12 will be converted to the online real-time video form (ZOOM). Each candidate won about 5 minutes of interview time.

$ 31,160


No. 9 Yosheng Street, Chaiwan

September / October deadlines registered straight / private primary school

School of registration in September 2021

St. Joseph English Primary School

July 20th to September 3

Pull-out female primary school

From August 23nd to September 3

Kowloon Liuxian School Primary School

September 2nd to September 4th

St. Journey English Academy (Primary School)

July 19th to September 11

Shengfangji English elementary school

From August 20th to September 13

Kowloon Realgua Middle School (Primary School)

July 26th to September 27

Things to make a primary school

March 1st to September 30

Santa Marli male and female English Chinese primary school

May 20th to September 30th

Deqing Primary School

July 19th to September 26

HMS Academy

July 5th to September 13

Baodian Bureau Hong Kong Teaching Federation Yuan Xuan Primary School

From August 2nd to September 17

Baqing Tao Primary School

July 5th to September 30

School of schools registered in October 2021

Fujian Middle School Affiliated School

June 1st to October 8

Golden Sacred School Private Department

From early September to October 31

Hanhua Middle School (Primary School)

March 1st to October 10

For parents who have planned to send children to Hong Kong schools, I will immediately contact me Education to make a suitable upgrade plan for your child.

Me Education successfully running experience in 15 years, providing education connection one-stop service, professional consultation and academic guidance, TOP20 Hong Kong top international school super admission success, has helped more than 100,000 students to get the heart of the name!

ME application process:


Free assessment and setting goals


Choose a right school


Prepared to apply for a document


Preparatory written test and interview


Follow the results



After successful, registration enrollment


Ready to enter the school, complete the admission program


Provide education


Primary consultation (G9-10, university, overseas promotion)


Examination Preparation (Kindergarten, Primary, Middle School, University)

The following schools accept the registration 2022-23 academic year

Local direct capital / private primary school

international School

• Pullment of female primary school

• Pull and pull the male school

• Sao Paulo Men’s Middle School Affiliated Primary School

• St. Paul School (Primary School)

• Jiulongtang

Dynem Primary School and Kindergarten

• Hong Kong Pujiang Primary School

• Golden Sacred School Private Department

英华 小学

• Kowloon Tong School

• Hong Kong Zhenguang Middle School

• Shengfangji English elementary school

• Minsheng College Primary School

• Males Bureau Chen Shouren Primary School

• Sao Paulo Academy Primary School

• Sacred Jialer Primary School

Duri International School

• US International School

• Hong Kong American School

• Hong Kong Australia International School

• Infi School

• Hong Kong Canada International School

• Hanski International School

• Auda International School

• Harrow Hong Kong International School

• Hong Kong International School

• Release school

• Nord ANGLIA International School

• Hong Kong Stamford American School

• Yao Zhong International School

• Hongli Academy

• Victoria School in Shanghai

• Jingston International School


Ni Nika Canada School


• Montessori International School

• Singapore International School



registration time


registration time

tuition fee:

tuition fee:

tuition fee:

tuition fee:

Retreat quota:

Retreat quota:

Retreat quota:

Retreat quota:







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