Red Net Mime December 10

(Reporter Dan Li Yuting) Handling is uniform, and the garden green is severely shrinking. It is decorated in the house. The local gas pipeline is exposed outdoors. The rainy garage is leaking, the electric meter box is installed at the gate, even no reason to deliver the house … home, Originally, the starting point of happiness is the harbor for us to stop the rain. However, when the buyer suffers a bad developer, the endless “routine” is worried.

Who is the most comfortable delivery? Whose garden green is “see”? Where is the most human public space? From now on, the 2020 “Changsha most beautiful delivery community” initiated by Hunan Hongwang officially kicked off, December 10th to 14, for the collection, if you are satisfied with your own community environment, property service is please Take the real map of the Community, upload “Red Net Real Estate” (RedFDC) WeChat public number background, participate in the community nomination, we will synchronize network display and online voting on the communities that are highly satisfied with these residents.


During the period from December 15th to 16th, the Red Net will invite industry experts, senior media people, etc., integrated the results of the public, and screen the beautiful community ranked first.

On the way out, the first one after get off work is home. Place our home in a community that is beautiful, management service, between owners and the harmony between the owners and the property, is the starting point of life happiness! If you have a characterful features in the environment, peace, health, management innovation, come up with the picture to display it; if your community has been nominated, you may wish to move your fingers, help the beautiful home to cast valuable One vote.

This selection activity will create a good atmosphere through the masses, to create a good atmosphere, guiding the garden-style community, promoting all kinds of residential communities to enhance the green strength and improve the quality of life.

Participate in the nominations and votes, they have the opportunity to extract beautiful gifts. Everyone will pay attention to the “Red Net Real Estate” WeChat public number, upload photos, win the prize.

Online voting rules: Vote 5 times per person, each at least one, up to 5

Activity prize: dreams of spring and autumn, millet small steel gun Bluetooth speaker, three or two wine and other exquisite activities prizes

Lucky Rules: After the voting is successful, take the page screenshot of your vote, and send it to the “Red Net Real Estate (RedFDC)” WeChat public number to participate in the lottery.

It is strictly forbidden to brush, once found, the organizer has the right to disqualify the qualification!

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