The success of a brand is inevitably ask for new and seeking changes, surpassing our results. With the “cotton change world”, the current cotton era has been insisting on using natural cotton as the core raw materials, adhering to the “comfortable, healthy, environmental protection” product philosophy, continuous exploration, research and development and innovation, and is committed to providing to consumers. Anxin, comfortable products. Recently, the cotton era launched the new herbal cotton bottoming autumn clothing set.


The same is the same as other products in the cotton era, and the undergarment of this grass cotton has high cotton volume. At the same time, this herbal cotton underprotice is used in her own cotton with plant antibacterial efficacy. The fabric can effectively inhibit the three common strains of white candida, E. coli, and Complex Slaysciste, can help users protect health to some extent.


After a professional test study of the cotton era, this herbal cotton is still able to meet the antibacterial effect of AAAAA level after washing, which can provide long-lasting care for the human body, but also extend the service life of the colored clothes. In addition, in the process of cotton, the cotton in the cotton, the autumn clothes have a simple round neck, 9-point sleeves, and no external sewing, etc., while adding comfort, it is easy to avoid leaving exposed and the brush skin, more It is in line with the appeal of the late Qiuyi; in the trousers part, it is a link design, and it is more comfortable to wear.

In this fast fashion era, everyone will discard a dress soon, but the discarded clothes are usually incinerated or landfill, which causes serious environmental pollution. The cotton era cotton under underwear fabric can naturally degrade, is a veritable environmental protection fabric, which can be reduced to environmental pollution problems. Don’t worry about pollution to the environment after discarding. Naturally, brand and users will work together to work together to carry out environmental protection.

The cotton era will bring us a comfortable wear experience to us, while helping the Earth to reduce resource waste and pollution, add green and natural to the ecological environment. The cotton era allows more people to enjoy the value of cotton, enjoy the green high quality cotton lifestyle.

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