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Summer you wear a skirt

How is it together? The skirt is not in a piece of dress, just need to worry about the shoes, the bag is also an accessory. The skirt also considers a series of problems such as the jacket, and the accessories, etc., so more tests are more test.

However, although it looks complicated, there are still some rules. In this sharing, Luo Wei takes a Japanese wear in the Japanese, summarizes the matching of some skirts for your reference.

★ What are the characteristics of summer skirt?

If you want to match, the underlying logic must be clear. Summer skirt






For the finishing of the body, it will not be dead in the style, and it can be placed with his own mind.


: The discerning the details, the garment is embellished, and the overall style is relatively high. If there are some mistakes, it seems that it will be uncomfortable, and the beauty and high level of our desired.


In this skirt, the shoes are highlights, and the skirts have echoed. The lower body is coordinated. At the same time, the flat-bottomed single shoes of the grandmother are light, with some retro atmospheres and white bubble sleeves, whether it is color or The style has been perfect.

In addition, the necklace and the embellishment of the earrings, we will not repeat it. Next, let’s appreciate a set of Japanese skirts.

Appreciation of the most beautiful skirt:

★ White T-shirt + Yellow Base Blue Flower Skirt + Scarf

In the summer, many printed skirts can be equipped with white T-shirts, pure and unopened white is the best to make up. But this kind of matching wants to look good, please


It’s a footwork. For example, take the high heels of blue flowers in the skirt,




Compound, it is a lazy version of the mush. This is the most common color color of printing items.

The addition of a brown silk scarf makes the overall level, and there are many stereo, and the knitted bags and silk towers are colorful to make the whole more harmonious.


★ White T-shirt + Black Skirt

In this set, it is also a print skirt with a white T-shirt, but because the color of the printed flower is slightly different in the choice of the shoe bag. The skirt is a black bottom, want to resolve the old gas, with a pair

Red high heels

Matching a lot of fashionableness. Bring a shower, it can be said that the highlight of this set is this pair of shoes, followed by the embellishment of rice white bag and earrings.

★ White T-shirt + light yellow small broken flower skirt


If the half-length skirt itself is a light sprinkler, when it comes with a white T-shirt, the shoes can be harmonious. The overall color is soft, it is very suitable for gentle sisters, light, especially naked sandals, and skin tone close to more favorable.

★ White T-shirt + light blue small flower skirt

The trembled skirt, a slightly released skirt, highlights the slim waist line, which is known to be elegant. The same white t-shirt with a light blue fallen skirt, the high heel shoes that are consistent with the main tone of the skirt, into the exquisite high-level feel, because the white T-shirt is relaxed enough, it looks fashionable and rye.

★ Black top + beige black semi skirt

The popularity of the retro wind makes the wave point element more hot, and the beauty of a wave point half dress is unquestionable. But it is best to choose this small wave point, and the amount is not big, it is easier to control. With it with a black personality top, wide pad shoulder sleeves are also the hottest in this year, can boast, highlighting the gas field.

Overall color comparative, then come

Red bag


Ok, anyway, black rice is mainly, and any fresh color can be matched.

★ Blue T-Shirt + Blue Plaid Dress


I really like this blue match, dark blue minimalist T-shirt, with bright, light blue, overall harmony, but dazzling, distinctive blue grillat color classic, bring endless refreshing breath, very Summer combination.

Choose brown wedge with sandals and straw hat, you can travel. The idyllic is very comfortable, retro is still comfortable.

★ Black T-shirt + green pleated femto skirt

When wearing a skirt in the summer, if you are not sure to choose what sandals, a pair of naked colors close to the skin is definitely failed. Close to the skin color, there is no color segmentation, and the wild is still stylish. Select the same color bag, basically can’t be failed.

★ White T-shirt + green skirt


This shallow green skirt is in a skirt to be soft, and it is easy to match. A white sweet jacket, the hollow sleeve brings a lot of playful and smuggling, brown wedges with sandals and bags and exaggerated earrings echo, add fashion tension to this set.

★ Brown t-shirt + flower skirt


If you want to create an elegant tea system, you can use the brown t-shirt with a dust skirt, and the brown line with a rustic high-level fan will always give you unexpected surprises. This natural comfort will bring more beauty.


From the above match, we can find that the combination of the skirt is on the shoes and bags, and there is still less embellishment, etc.

Learn to use accessories to make basic stereo stylish


I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.

I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!

If you have confusion, you can privately believe it, welcome to leave a message to discuss, we grow together on the road to become beautiful!

# What to wear today?

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