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Baseball jacket, also known as university jacket, English is expressed as


Letterman Jacket or Varsity Jacket. Birth

As a result of the university to the excellent sports players, it was later introduced into the US duty wandering, from the product of American campus culture.

One of the symbols of the previous century, and will never end in the cultivation.

One Direction & Edie Campbell for Vogue UK

Especially Virgil Abloh’s various baseball jackets launched by Louis Vuitton, as well as the VIBE style represented by Kenijima, so that this clothing category is in the same boom.

The current season is suitable for wearing baseball jackets, not only to cope with unknown weather changes, but also enhances the fashion trend of styling in the hierarchy. The following is a baseball jacket for the NBA player channel, I hope you can get a mortal inspiration from it.


Eight villages


Black and white splicing baseball jacket with full-white hoodie + black destroying tight cattle, this is the foundation and is not easy to match, LV + Amiri is also a common operation in Eight villages.


Monterus – Harrell

The sleeve splicing baseball jacket is handsome and chic, with a pattern of Vintage TEE, the stacked necklace, the rivets on the shoe have increased the bright spot. The essence of All Black is not really all black, so although it is very cool, Harrell has handled very in place in this regard.

Kyle Kazma

I have seen Harrell’s all black, then take a look at the ALL White of Kuz Ma, the baseball jacket with rice-white-made baseball jacket and the bright white jeans form a glimpse, which will not be too eye-catching and created the color of the colors.


The colored baseball jacket itself is a bright spot, with the base item and it, Rum must be GET to this.


Terence Mann

The colorful color of the satin material looks very gorgeous, and Mann uses simple single product with the match to form a subtle contrast. In addition, the above one is with a bulls with a baseball jacket, while Mann is a loose sports pants.


Marcus Morris


Compared to contrast, the whole white is more bright, or the satin material, white T may be the most fitted. The upper body is too bright, use the lower body pressure, Morris uses light gray dressing pants to match, forming a relatively natural color transition.


Danny Green

The whole point is small, and Hu Huang Ama is really too charming ~ The combination of sky blue and white is the comfort and comforting. This is a very modern short baseball jacket, which is a small cut-off, but it is not too long.

Dwien Bogen

Did you find the difference between this baseball jacket and the above? That’s right, it is a lapel, which is more modified with face. Bacon is equipped with a new route, and there is a point of love.

Jordan Kraxson


Again to a lapel style, red and white splicing is very classic, Clarkson with an old T-shirt and jeans with a retro feel. Compared with the skin of Green and Bacon, he is a wide pants style, and the T-shirt is better in pants.

Xiaolun Jackson


It is also a red white splicing baseball jacket, compared to the retro cultural art of Kraxson, Xiao Jackson is a modern trend. On the white hoodie side, the design is more designed, and the thousand birds pattern sports trousers are high-profile.


Jason Tumum

Seeing the zipper may have to doubt Tutum this is a pilot jacket or a baseball jacket, watching the color and material splicing class as a baseball jacket! And with the development of the trend, the buckle is indeed replaced with a zipper in some styles.


Red + Blue + White is a very classic color combination, very trend, but also the color of NBA logo, the collage pattern on the jacket is even more powerful, and then with this red pants, all is the focus.


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