The earlier than fall is the typhoon of Lingchuan. The people who have been here are already used to, so they will not feel too helping. Dreaming today is open today, and you will take the umbrella before you go out, and now the umbrella is lying on the ground, and it is unrecognizable.

This is a weekend, she is singing. A little luck is not good, there is no Jingruzhou under the stage. She still sang is Cantonese old song, but I changed the dress, the red dress, the upper body is shoulder, and the lower body is only covered with hips.

I don’t know if it is a typhoon to come, people come here to avoid it, people tonight. The awesome eyes have been swept away from the stage, and they did not see the familiar figure. A song sang very quickly, she returned to the background, and found that her package was turned on, and the umbrella belled at the moment is lying on the ground. I don’t know who has stepped on a few feet, and the black umbrella is clear. The one that has been following the hand after the Ben Fuzhou is standing in front of the makeup table, and what the woman is talking to other women, it is awesome, and it is quiet.

“Anhui Miss, I am sorry, because you have traveled too suspicious, I have cleared your things a little.”

Ayang said, the expression on his face is not very embarrassed. The an willingness is very sinking, the thick makeup is also hung on her face, let her have a cold eyes, if there is any effort: “Oh. What is the suspicious thing?”

“No, so I am not embarrassed.” A Yang said to laugh and bend her bag. Lan Xiao stood one side, after this will go to the peace of help, remind her: “Okay, it’s okay, don’t sin him, he is the people around the Chamber.”

Of course, he knows that he is a person around Chamber, so she is more sin.

One hand fork, the dishwilled blush, a shrew that will not give up and disappears: “Then I also say a bad me, what do I do to make you feel suspicious? Big Brother, you said, I will later It is better to correct it. “

Three points and spicy, seven points. A Yang laughs, not to avoid: “For more than a month, you will appear in the parking lot every night, can you explain why?”

“I will come to the roommate, I don’t try myself back to myself.” Anwei’s look is relaxing, relying on the makeup table, holding the chest, obliquely looks at him: “Later, my life expense is not enough, so I am also coming. “

She said very frankly, and it is also an orphan of the investigation. The business of college girls is always not small, and you can make money, you can not make money. Ayang has nothing to say, nodded: “It is my misunderstanding.”

“Even if a sentence will be almost,” Anshan will look at his nails, it is unhappy: “I am coming to you, but I am not selling it. I am my own thing in this package. You said that you will turn it, say hello, but also put my umbrella to the dirty, an embarrassment? “

In the words, she wants him to apologize. Lan Xiao pulled her arm and said with her, and the peace of the head, looked at him: “I am a student, I don’t understand those rules in the rivers and lakes. But if you see me a weak The woman will bully, then you are too good, is it too good? “

A Yang did not come to Taiwan, he certainly won’t really apologize to a little girl, and then said that this thing is that Jingruzhou told to turn over, he is not there. Waiting for anxious, find a chair to sit down while, don’t know how to face it.

The atmosphere is deadlocked, no one will be willing. In the door, the door came from the shallow voice. Jing Fuzhou called “Ayang”, and then slowly came to: “Who lets you make your child’s thing?” Apologize. “

The person who told the previous command is him, and it is also his people. Ayang has no way, and it is low to say “sorry”. The an willingness is unfolded, and it is gone to the hardship of the people who haven’t worry about it.

This is what they first face to face, and they are willing to sit on the chair, look back, the neck line is smooth. Those stay in front of her, two people are just a few steps away. He looked at her, heard her voice, nodded slightly: “Don’t be in mind, you don’t put it.”

An willing to laugh, but no longer speak. The small background became unusually quiet because of the arrival of Jingru,. Jing Qi Shi thought she would say something more, but her topic actually until this, from his side around, pick up the cleansing water on the table. Before she turned back to another world, Jingruzhou lowered the sentence: “Anwei?”

The girl in the mirror is a bit surprised. This surprises have made her cold and cold, with some little clarity: “Well?”

The corner of the mouth has hooked, and Jingru’s mood suddenly didn’t have some pleasure: “Which word is it?”

He thought she would introduce myself like all the people. After all, for strangers, the way is more polite and more secure. But I will move my feet, two steps to him, the white and old thighs swayed in his eyes with her movements, let him squint.

Taking his hand, you will look down with your fingers to slide in his palm: “An – Wishing -“

She wrote her name in his palm, low, and he could hold her shoulder. The string of Jingruzhou is tight, and the hand is inexplicably sweating. At that time, he still didn’t know, this feeling is actually called an incitement.

Just at this time, I would like to raise my head. I didn’t think I didn’t think that the distance between the two people was so close. After her consciousness, he retired one step, the false eyelashes were flash, blocked the emotions of the bottom of the bottom. Jingruzhou still stretched out, her fingertips in his palm, as if he did not disappear, itchy, butbed.

At that moment, he suddenly had a very absurd idea – maybe the woman in front of him, I want to seduce me, maybe she stands so long in the parking lot, just to seduce me.

But why should she have a great expense, when he walked in the background, his intention was so obvious, but she regarded it. She hooked his curiosity, but she was no longer near, waiting for him to repeat the feeling, she recruited him again.

His idea turned a few bends in his heart, and the wishes did not know. She asked a slightly embarrassing atmosphere: “Do you remember?”

“What?” Jingruzhou looked at her.

He rarely deliberately remember his name, especially a woman. Like it is expected, it is awesome and shakes his head: “Nothing, I am going to change clothes, the boss can’t go out?”

I heard this, Jingruzhou’s light smile: “Do you need me to help?”

The attention of the awesome will become serious, he is joking, she knows. But what should she say? Don’t you use it? That is too disappointing. She wants him to think that she is a different kind of woman, or the kind of woman he will like, so he turned his back to him, and he would pick up the long hair to the side: “Then you will help me The zip of the back is pulled, just in myself is inconvenient. “

There are other people in the background. At this time, I have chosen to avoid the sight. Jingrui is very obvious, but it is just a moment, he will restore the smile: “Well.”

Brass under the fire red cloth, white small pendant. He is not familiar with the woman’s clothes. Most of these don’t need him to take off. Looking for a while, his fingers finally pinned the little thing, slightly hard, with a small sound, her snow white back was in front of him.

His fingers are really near that inch skin, almost instinct, Jingruzhou’s hand slowly moving along the zipper portion. Just a little bit, you have to touch the gliitive skin, but you will suddenly avoid him in front of him, look back, the elongated eyes bent and bend: “Thank you.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The hand of Jingruzhou does not move, he should smile very chic, it doesn’t matter. But he can’t say anything, there is anything in his throat to block, so that he is uncomfortable. The woman started from the beginning, and he pushed him in a bad emotion that he couldn’t clearly. His chin is tightened, the tongue passes the upper teeth – his smoky addiction.

Her hands stretched at this time, and the palm is a pack of smoke. Very cheap ladies smoke, willing to know that he must not like it, but her purpose is not really helping him to solve the addiction, she just wants him to know, all of you, I am looking in my eyes.

Jing Fuzhou reached out, the troubles of my heart, causing him that he didn’t even say that he didn’t say it in the background. An willing to lift the bar in the direction he leave, this posture is like a provocation, let Lan Xiao, a little worried: “Anwing, have you been guilty?”

“How do I dare.” Answer is going to change clothes, but there is a kind of what I dare to do in the tone. Lan Xiao is not good to say anything, can only sigh my breath.

At the weekend, if you want to sing, you will not be in the parking lot. Jingrui is sitting in the car, and the information on hand is messy. He doesn’t know why they have to bring these information to the car, just look at the name above, and hold it.

That is the information he lets the Ayang investigation and willing.

Her resume is very simple. The only thing worth mentioning is that she is an orphan, her mother died of drug delivery, her father drug traffick was sentenced to death. This thing knows that the four neighbors of the neighbors of the neighbors of the neighbors of the neighbors, and they are willing to be with all ordinary people. This year, the university, three-run schools, and feet can see her usually homework. .

The homework is not very good, Jing Fuzhou thought, he didn’t have a few days. It is necessary to say that it is because the parents are coming to find the poison to revenge, it is not available. The time of her parents died, Jingruzhou is only a street mixed.

I smoke, he frowned, so I met this girl, really accidental?

Ayang has already had a hand over the eyes, and the smoke is ignited, and it tastes some light. Jingruzhou took the smoke, which found that it is the package of peace. Women’s smoke, he didn’t succumb, this light flavor could not make him relieve anything, but it was so destroyed and felt unfortunately.

Is this what she usually suck? She is only 19 years old, and I started smoking?

At that time, Jing Fuzhou didn’t know that the interestedness of a man is from curious starting. She gave him a lot of curious places, but did not give him an answer, every approach, curiosity.

“Ayang, go to the drum.” The feelings in the heart come again. He wants to go to the Gulou to find the 18-year-old girl, although he still remembers her name. But compared to others, she should be close to the wishes. He used to feel that the woman still has to bring some wind dust, let go, and also play. After meeting the wishes, he suddenly wanted to say a few words to her when she was wearing a pink sweater and jeans.

The kind of youna has never had a youth, let him feel sorry while thinking about destroying **.

I didn’t expect the pear. After she was asked in the last time, Jingruzhou was willing to come to her. He should be smoking before he came to, and the faint taste on the tip of the tongue made her feel uncomfortable. Because of the last lesson, this time the pear flower is so embarrassed. What posture she puts her pose, she will make her call what she shouted. Because her Shuntang’s obvious mood is also very good. After the end, he even stuck her back and kissed her shoulder.

In the bed of the wolf, he helped her sorted the hair of the hair, and he went to the bed. The smoke of his favorite in the room, that is the little thought of pear, specializing in him. Jing Qi Shi originally stretched into the suit jacket, put the wishes to his smoke, turned to the desk, picking up the pear.

“You are very embarrassing.” This is the only sentence that Jingrui said with her that night. He also left her for some money before leaving. It is not important to walk in that sentence. It is important that this represents him recognized her, and will still come here.

Get the goy of Jingru, how important is it in the Gulou.

However, pear flour didn’t know that after Jing Refuge went out, I saw Ayang and Taozi from the corridor. These two people have been a long time. Taozi has just come back from Vietnam. The batch is very beautiful by him. Jingrui is still smoking, and his smoke is smiling and looking at Taozi: “Good last office.”

“The Chinese brother is taught.” Taozi smiled, and his eyes fluttered on the door of pear. Jing Fuzhou smiled and screamed, reached out and patted his shoulders: “Tender, gentle point.”

I got the license, Taozi was happy to open, and the Ayang laughed behind, and Jing Fuzhou was a punch in the back of the back: “What is installed, I want to go.”

“Can I go?” Ayang was a bit surprised. He thought that Jingrui recently prejudice to the pear.

“Just you.” Jingru Shi lost such a sentence and got up and back to his room. He is not in the room, because there is no sense of security. His room is a special, bulletproof wall, a high-end lock, so many years outside, it is difficult for women who don’t use their own body to take his life.

As he left, Ayang opened the door. The quiet night came to cry, Jingruzhou’s footsteps did not stop, and smoke exhaled from his nasal cavity, drowning behind him.

He may have not heard it.

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