Since entering the spring, the girl in dress has become more and more, especially the dress is real, and the print dress is more sought after. It can wear an elegant effect and reflect spring fashion atmosphere. . In April, I believe that many girls’ dress is also flourishing, and this time you may wish to use a skirt to match, put your own ideas and fashion understanding through the half dress.


First, pleated yarn skirt + jeans

The pleated skirt has a strong return this year, especially the pleated skirt of yarm chiffon, and a gentle sense of screaming. Since the pleated welding skirt is so good, what should be matched? The inner jeans are particularly eye-catching, and a refreshing pants is mixed.

There is a single product in many skirts to say that it is a pleated yarn dress, a pleated yarn dress is a single item that is very outstanding. The biggest charm of the pleated white skirt is its kind-like pleats, followed by expressing the effect of the long legs, let these fashionable girls favor it.

Second, pleated yarn skirt + shirt


The wild effects of the pleated screen are very good. Many young girls are equipped with basic shirts, easily wear small fresh temperament, and the girl who likes pleated white skirt may try this simple look.


High-profile elegant pleated, almost everyone can hold, retro and classic, chiffon purple dress, unique. shirt


Take a light fluttering pleated skirt, more points, very eye-catching, have a summer youth.

Third, pleated yarn dress + T-shirt

The pleated skirt can be divided into three, long section, long paragraph and short paragraph, long dress, have a very gorgeous effect, but it is not easy to get close. Feeling, long pleated skirts mature, atmospheric and elegant, especially suitable for priests.


The long-term pleated skirt has a strong retro taste. This retro breath is very chailed. Whether it is a body, temperament, and skin color requirements are very high. Girls who are not good enough for their own conditions are hard to control the long-style pleated skirt.

The pleated skirt is matched with white t-shirt, and the effect of age is there. Black and white match, how to wear it, self-discussed, the energetic girl. Ordinary but classic T-shirts, and pleated screens, more affair, girls are proper.

# What to wear today?

# 时尚 上 上 #

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