In the process of preparations for the wedding, we will prepare some auspicious wrap. In this chapter, we will share the brick-cut method of the gay, the pattern name is called “鸯 荷”, the meaning of the husband and wife, a hundred years.

I have been being used by people to be used as a harmonious couple, and the auspicious pattern of the traditional patterns.鸯 影 影 离 离……………………. 盼… 游 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼 盼Due to the lotus troat “” even “, it is a double, lotus, and the two will be combined.

The following figure is a post-cut effect show.

The specific paper-cutting steps are as follows:


1, take a square color paper, fold along the midline

2, first draw out the exterior contour of the donkey, as shown in the picture below

3, then draw the internal decorative pattern, the eye is modified with a circle and the moon tooth, and the other uncompressed arc curves are the path of the shear saw. After the painting is shown below.




4, draw the lotus contour of the upper part, need to pay attention to the manifestation of the lotus petals.

5, supplement the internal decorative pattern of the whole lotus, draw the saw tooth path, the lower part is reflected in the water, and the whole pattern completes the painting portion.


6. Cut along the painted pattern, the circular can be scissed, and a special punching tool can also be used, and the detailed paper-cut method of the sawttles is specifically described in the art.


7. Expand the painted color paper, a pair of dramas inhabited under the lotus, 鸳鸯 成双, lotus, you, you, I am gone.


The above is the paper-cut method of “Drama Turning”. Do you learn? Welcome to the message discussed by the place where you don’t understand.

Dipping method of sawtooth


: When the shear saw is cut out according to the pattern, the left hand is cut, and the right hand is held, the cutting point is on the left handica finger, cut a small triangle on the right side of the straight line or arc as the starting point of the sawtooth. From the right to left, the scissors must not leave the index finger, and the index finger moves with the action of the scissors, the size of the sawtooth and the amplitude of the left-right movement. The order in which the cut scissors can be referring to the figure below.

Welcome friends who like paper-cut, praise + pay attention, do hand together, inherit non-legacy culture.

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