One: Round neck long-sleeved T-shirt

This is definitely a wild artifact.

Can be laminated, but it can be dressed.

Pure cotton fabric, plus velvet, warm and comfortable, suggest a person.

The weather can be used inside, and the next half dress

Sharp the vest, under the skirt trousers.


Summer is wearing outside, but also hailt.

2: High collar fake two-piece button knit sweater

This is generally suitable for spring, in the early autumn and winter.

Knitted fabric, soft and touch, and the design of plus velvet, the neckline of the neck is a bit bright, and the monochachanical is tested.

This will look good.

3: Lace bottoming shirt.


Super fairy, is suitable for temperature, it is tested, revealing a little lace, character is charming.

That is most recommended, with the skirt, really let you become a small fairy in a second.

4: Candy color knit sweater

Knitting has a common point, which is soft and comfortable.

This bottoming shirt is more suitable for sweet sisters, there are various colors, like candy, wearing you is the cutest soft girl.


5: White Cave Cave T

The last time I said, it’s really super wild, just take a wide-leg pants very nice, and the sister who likes the casual style must start.


Really super wild.

6: Half-high collar bottoming shirt

As you see, it has a lot of colors, meets the color needs of all kinds of sisters, is a thread bottoming shirt, thin and warm.

Comfortable and temperament, this kind of solid color is very good.


It is best to be stacked when you are in winter.


7: Striped high collar bottoming shirt

This is more, I am wearing sweaters at home, that is, keep warm, let the stacked more level.



Salty fish work hard

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