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Autumn and winter is very suitable for the seasons of perfume, and the cold air will put the fragrances more delicate. In addition to clothes, the aroma can give people the second layer of personality and attitude, and different perfumes can outline the different images and gas fields, which can be warm or spicy, and can be refreshed or shed. Of course, it is necessary to use perfume to take time and occasion, regardless of the purpose of being pleasing or enjoyable, there is still a need for several different textured perfumes.

This article will recommend six perfumes suitable for men, the fragrance is good, the cost-effective, and the sea Amoy Raiders, there are two fragrance candles recommended. Oh ~

Perfume recommended:

Recommended 1: Armaf Amafu Nightclub Carnival Men’s Perfume EDP

Time adjustment: Apple lemon black gallon pineapple lemon


Mid adjustment: Rose Jasmine Birch

Afterward: Musk Dragon Patchouliva


More than the perfume of the other, the tendon microaliperi is a little smoked. The post is very mysterious, the smoked fruit, the rosin, very special, the fragrance is good, the fragrance is still enough, still not It is easy to hit the fragrance. Low back to solid wood sensation is very suitable for use in autumn and winter,

Because it is very similar to Creed Napoleon, many people call them the best.

By the way, 100ml CREED Napoleon’s water Haitao price is in 2000+, this bottle 200ml Armafaf nightclub carnival,

Haitao only 300 price, cost-effective jump paper, and the 200ml large capacity can basically use the old man, it can be blind, will not regret it.


Recommended 2: Bvlgari Bulgari Black Tea Agglon

Time adjustment: tea, rose, fragrant lemon

Mid adjustment: cedar, sandalwood, jasmine

Back: Leather, Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Oak Moss

Bulgari is from the Italian jewelry brand. In 1992, the first fragrance of the brand has been released, and there have been more than 40 perfumes, of which five colors of tea is very characteristic. White tea and black tea are more famous, and black tea is a bit.

Black tea gaolong’s tea is relatively weak, and the opening is a refreshing tobacco breath. It also has a little leather flavor. It is presented in ebosteosine with patchouli medicine, and the joining of rose makes this combination. There is a special attraction that smells, is the kind of rose flavor that is slightly cool, men are not difficult to control. At the same time, this incense has a strong package, it is very suitable for autumn and winter.

Mature men can prepare one, low-key and will not be too thick, the sense of aggression is not strong, and the ancient dragon concentration is also acceptable for the public.


150ml large capacity, Haitao is only more than 300, and it is recommended.

Recommended three: Guerlain Guerlain Games Glamor Men’s Eau Devils

Odor: Xikang grass green grass yellowish mint wood fragrant old grass rum musk

Among the majestic water, a non-traditional wooden fragrant grass, a freshty with a non-greasy herb.


The opening is a cool feeling of peeling citrus inclusions, and then there are some musk soap in the graft of the fragrance.

Very fresh and refreshing herbal wooden fragrance, suitable for men to work in commute, if wearing a dress, you can reduce a little greasy, bring a clean and good clean.

100ml, Haitao is less than 300 price, really fragrant ~


Haitao website FragranceNet

The above three perfumes are recommended at 海 淘 购 购.

FragranceNet is a well-known health and beauty online retailer, which was established in New York, USA in 1997. Online sales of more than 20,000, whether it is a big commercial fragrance, or a small Salon fragrant, even a lot of out-of-print incense is now found here.

2020 Chinese official website, for domestic consumers, Haitao is more convenient, support direct mail, also support Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay online payment, there is a problem with Chinese customer service can consult, shopping experience is very close to the domestic shopping website It’s just a long time in logistics, about 2-3 weeks, but after all, Haitao, you can understand it.

There is no additional tax payment on the website, and the troublesome taxible tax on Haitao is also solved. At the same time, because of the Reliable Book of the B & S group, the products on the website are genuine guaranteed, you can buy it with confidence.

It is worth mentioning that Fragrancene can be placed




The so-called lamina refers to the new unused authentic perfume manufactured by the brand, just simplifies packaging, so I can buy more cheap. Searching “Lapture” in the website can see List, if you buy a self-use perfume, the simple feature will be more cost-effective, interested, you can dig a treasure ~

Latest promotions:

The recent website has launched a full range of 110-10 knives. It is equivalent to an additional 10% off on the basis. The preferential time: 11.1-11.30, coupon code [zdmfn], basically 2-3 perfume Can participate in the event, full 100 can be shipped. Again emphasized that there is no additional payment of taxes, the logistics is approximately 2-3 weeks, and this wave activity who wants to enter the perfume can be placed.

Recommended four: 4711 mix citrus ancient dragon water

Tightening: Fragrant lemon lemon tea

Mid-adjustment: Orange Oil, Orange Qin Wei

Rear adjustment: Cedar Kashmir Musk

If you like the smell of oranges, the perfume is very suitable for you.

At the beginning, the sour taste of the lemon was spoke, and the taste of the orange will spread. Not the kind of orange juice, but the taste of the sweet orange skin. Just like the kind of juice in the orange peel splashed at the same time, it is also very refreshing. After that, you can feel the soap in further and the fragrance of the softened orange, the level of fragrance is not complicated but very good, and it is very suitable for the classmates of the Qing Dynasty.

At the same time, this taste is close to Ouyi Cabergleon, and is also treated with cabbage. Of course, the 4711 odor is more floating than that of Cabernette, but the fragrance should be short, but it does not hinder its High cost performance.


After all, 100ml Chi Xiaoguang is about 1,000 yuan, and this

100ml Haitao is only 150 yuan, and the price is exceeded.


Recommended 5: Geoffrey Beene Jeffreby Gray Floor Men’s Eau De Toilette

Time adjustment: White Pine orange flower oil bitter orange leaves with lemon lemon

Mid adjustment: Mimosa iris violet ratta rose old stun grass narcissus

After adjustment: Zero Lingxuan Almond Oak Moss Fur Creek Cedar


The evaluation is a bit wide-polarized, because the temporary tuning is bleeding, some people will not like it. But in the middle of the sky, this perfume is very charming, not like ordinary white flowers, with a sin, a little bitter, and a little dirt and trees. Wet taste. Simple understanding is that the soap in the mud, trees, and flowers, smelling very warm and very comfortable, just like a sunny forest corner to break the soil to open the charming small flowers, and a little mysterious. It is just like a flannel coat, which is quiet and safe.


Personally feel quite recommended, you can try it.

The price is quite invincible, 240ml super large capacity, the price of cabbage in about 150 yuan is worth starting.

Haitao website perfumesclub

The above two perfumes can be in PerfumeSclub Haitao, is also the website of Haitao perfume, founded in 2009, belonging to a hundred years of historical family enterprises Beauty Luxe Distributions Slu, is the top three in Spain One of the e-commerce.

This family has a Chinese official website, except for perfume, skin care beauty products are also good. If you often have a god price, less than about 60% off, the package is very cost-effective, but the logistics time is still a long time, but it takes about 20 days, but after all, Haitao price Seductive, so it can be backed by 淘淘.

Recommended six: Loewe Luo Yiwei seventh music men’s Eau de Toilette


Time adjustment: Pepper Apple


Mid-adjustment: Rose Qillen Orange Wire Burning

After adjustment: Cedar Freesome Musk

Chinese translation is the seventh movement, if translated is 7, it is also very suitable, because this perfume uses only 7 spices to modulate, taste harmony and recognition.

At first was a slight sweet fruit and slightly spicy pepper aroma. After that, the flavor of the incense was quickly ignited, combined with wood aroma and fruit incense, and there was a little warm, it was a very warm. The discussion of the people, can’t help but want to be close.

If you don’t like a strong fragrance, you can try this, so good, it belongs to the kind of perfume that will not be wrong.

50ml Si Fofeng Tmall shop has nearly 700 prices in China, and the price of Haitao is only about half, and the cost performance is highlighted.


Haitao website IGOTTA

This perfume is recommended in 海 淘, Gotta is the first perfume shop in Lleida, Spain, with 50 years of distribution experience in the beauty industry, is the most in Spain Makeup Industry Retail brand with innovation and customer loyalty. And because LoEwe is a Spanish brand, naturally there is a local sale advantage, so the price advantage is more obvious, and the varieties of each fragrance are also very complete.

In addition, some perfume kits sold in this website, the price is good, self-use or gifts can be taken.

Fragrance candle recommendation:


Finally, two fragrance candles will be recommended, children shoes who like perfume should also love the fragrance candle. The autumn and winter and fragrance candles are already perfect. The candlelight not only brings warm feelings, but the fragrances can make the whole person relax, fully enjoy the peaceful home time. The feeling of the atmosphere brought by the spraying water is completely different, and the truly 360 ° is surrounded by aroma.


The recommended two aromatherapy candles are from DipTyQue. Diptyque is a leader of the aromatherapy candle, although Tmall has already had a flagship store, but the price is still much more expensive than Haitao, while due to a brand Comparison fire, there are many high impersonation on the Internet. It takes you to score it when you purchase.

Recommended 1: Diptyque Tiptike fig fragrance candle


Fig flavula is a classic fragrance of Diptyque, a little milk in the fragrance of fig leavers, fresh wooden adjustment, giving people very pure. After igniting the fragrance at home, it seems that the orchard after a second, the green branches on the green branches, the purity of the green branches, and the fruit of the milk, the whole person will soon relax.

Recommended 2: Diptyque Tiptock fragrance candle PARIS [60th anniversary limited paragraph]

The second recommendation is the limited amount of the DiptyQue60th anniversary. This Paris fragrance candle, not only logo design glamorous, but also with black wood carving candle, self-use, gift is also very textured.

The aroma of the aroma, the absence of drug essence and wax wood, after igniting the fragrance, it is easy to let people think of the antique book aroma of the street bedroom, the boom of the riverside, walk on the streets paved with a slate, feel the unique romantic breath of Paris.

It can also be in LudwigeBeck Shanghai Amoy, a single bottle discount price is much lower than domestic, a bottle can package taxes, single bottle will be very cost-effective, limit will not sell for a long time, please hurry ~


Haitao website ludwigbeck

Https:// is a large department store from Germany, founded in 1861.

Located in Munich, Germany Marion Square. The shopping malls have a total of approximately 11,500 square meters, including many types of products, including international luxury brands and niche emerging brands.

Also have Chinese official website, support direct mail, payment method contains Alipay, UnionPay, and WeChat, and the product is taxable, not annoying, shopping experience is naturally more smooth.


It can be seen from the Banner classification that this website is the fragrance candle and some salon perfume, and there will often be some buying activities, and the shopping experience is quite good.

Recent offers:


Recently, the website has a 68% discount of Diptyque brand, and the time is from 11.9 to 11.17, and the coupon code is entered [ZDM68]. In the autumn and winter, it is time to enter a wave of fragrance candle ~


Haitao and fragrance candles are not difficult, just choose the right sea Amoy website, as long as the website contains Chinese interface, direct mail, tax, full amount, Chinese customer service, price concessions these important factors, It is generally a good shopping experience.

Gotta Chinese official website – Well-known beauty perfume shop in Spain

500+ perfume beauty brand, official dealer, Spanish direct mail


Go see

The category is more complete, in addition to perfume, skin care, beauty, and washing products can also be found, you can also buy some nice fragrance boxes, and the price of local brand LOEWE is very advantageous.

The above is the full content of this article. If you feel that you don’t think it is praised, I also look forward to your message, I am a sponge, next time I see ~

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