The elderly are worse and become more and more, is not a fashion that is young, and it is an old and mature atmosphere.

It comes with a high-end charm, interpretation of 10,000 style, because the deposit of the years makes the whole person’s temperament is elegant and gives charm, simple and generous.

Ni Ping’s wearing a natural, slightly holding a little hipster element, can let himself look at the elegant temperament of the age, and can showcase in the shortcomings of the body.


Bao blue element

The blue color is a white color, and the high-level treasure is able to bring the fashion effect of eye-catching, while holding in different single items, and Ni Ping wearing fashionable trendy blue cotton clothing In the boring and bored autumn and winter, the fashion, the delicate metal gloss is given her high-level texture.


Black coat

The black coat has always been the elements of rotten streets. Simple mysterious black coats are full of fashionable love and low-key choices, simple black coats are also classic, creating a wind-free style in Ni Ping. Long coats can make her look around, and the temperament is full.



In the early spring season, the elements of the khaki can improve the breath and brightness of the people. They all say that the card is high-level and good, and Ni Ping is 62 years old, wearing a card. It is more beautiful, how to see it is young twenty. Years, Khaki windbreaker and chic crop and design collision have a perfect modeling.

Khaki has always been a classic, high-grade color tone with warm and gentle tones, both in the show or daily life, never absence, simple khaki will not make you the most eye-catching But absolutely let you become a hipster girl, absolutely don’t choose.

Plaid dress


It is said that the vectors are literary and retro, classic grid elements seem to be able to perform high-level texture, using the atmospheric grip elements to interpret an unpleasant fashion charm, black grillat elements are artistic, Ni Ping The plaid dress also has sweet and elegant feelings, and the aging effect is doubled.


The griller element is a playful, but also a lovely, soft griller element interprets the different stylish style, and it is also possible to mix out romantic and elegant breath, and the color of the color is able to bring out the elegance of the years.

Stripe shirt


The irregularity of the stripe elements is different. Ni Ping’s striped shirt has chosen black and white stripes, and it has made a sense of temperament.


Leather element

The cortical element is a symbol of the wind, the texture is delicate, using the right leather element to smudge its temperament, from classic and fashionable collision to show more unique charm, Ni Ping’s black leather can give people Mysterious and elegant texture, subtle glossy eye-catching eyes.

Nowadays, the leather elements become the preferred objectives of the girls, and choose the right cortex element to show the beautiful feelings, exudes the beautiful beauty.


February 22nd,

Ni Ping’s appearance, 62-year-old Ni Ping seems to be wearing a black LOOK,

With boring and urinary breath, in fact, use different black monots to show different styles and personality, brunette sweater comes with a classic, dotted with full sweater, breaking the boring of the pure color And trouble, clever and nature.

Dark squatting sweater value 4,000 dollars too styled, black fur


Wearing on the body, the coming of the past, revealing the charm of modern,


With sweater too luxury,

Jeans wear a fine leg package,

Actually, the trouser tube, the silky silk scarf did not expose the taste of the aunt at the neck.

Of course, this dark-colored worth four thousand dollars are not the first time. This sweater is very good looking at Ni Ping and other elements, and interprets more advanced charm.

Fashion summary:


Middle-aged women’s wear is to pay attention to the right to use single items, using simple elements to interpret the coordination and stabilization, highlighting the elegant trendy, can interpret more advanced trendy, converged elements in displaying low-key And the restrained breath also takes the temperament of this age.

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