China Net Finance March 17 (Reporter Li Yu Wang Bin) Recently, the website of the Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration released the “Textile and clothing, luggage, footwear product quality special supervision and spot check results” (hereinafter referred to “)) .

The “Notification” shows that the spot check involves 180 batches of products from 77 distribution companies in Shanxi Province, found that 52 batches of unqualified products, unqualified discovery rates of 28.9%.

This test showed the fiber content of the textile and apparel product, the adverse performance of footwear products, the abrasion resistance of the outer wear resistance, the oscillating impact performance of the bag, the most prominent problem of textile and apparel products is the scarf shawl, unqualified The rate is 40%. In terms of footwear products, children’s shoes and snow boots are relatively close, and 30% and 35% respectively are unqualified.

Among them, the unqualified items of the women’s cotton shoes produced by Okang are unqualified by the decomposition of harmful aromatic amine dyes; the inspection units are the Long Cong shoes store in Luzhou City; the item number is 192031081; the specification is 235 (1.5).

Akang is sold as a full-sized subsidiary of Aoko International (603001.SH). Aokang International Main business is the R & D, production, retail and distribution business of leather shoes and leather goods products. The products are mainly commercial, casual shoes, sports shoes and other footwear products and leather supporting products.

The current chairman of Aokang International, the actual controller Wang Zhenye has a “shoes king” in the industry.

According to the public information, Wang Zhenwei was born in Zhejiang Yongjia in 1965. In 1988, he has gradually developed a family workshop into China’s largest private shoes enterprises, and the company’s leading brand “Okangpi Shoes” also became China’s leather shoes Industry iconic brand.

On October 10, 2019, Wang Zhenye, Wang Chen, the father and son ranked 980th in 2019.

On January 22, 2020, Akang International issued a 2019 performance notice. The report showed that the company’s net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies in 2019 was reduced by 110 million yuan to 118 million yuan compared to the same period of the previous year, a year-on-year reduction of 80% to 86%.

O’Kang International said that the pre-subregional pre-subregional is mainly due to the company’s shareholding company LightInthebox Holding Co., Ltd (Lanting Title) to acquire Singapore EZBuy Purchase Shares to lead the company’s overseas wholly-owned subsidiary Oven International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. The proportion declines, the company needs to be impaired by the long-term equity investment. The company is expected to be around 105.2 million yuan for the impairment of the long-term equity investment.

(Editor: Hu Chaohui)

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