Barabala has always been a mythical existence in the children’s costume. Barabra is a Senma Group, according to the company’s earnings report, Barabara camp received 8.825 billion yuan, the year-on-year increase reached 39.6%, and other brands were far behind; in addition, according to the 2019 Sena Group’s half-year report, Senma clothing achieved operating income 8.219 billion yuan, of which Barabara achieved opening of 5212 billion yuan in the first half of the year, accounting for 63.42% of the total revenue of Senma Group. As of the end of June 2019, Barabara has 5546 stores in the country.

my country’s children’s clothing industry is large, but the brand concentration is very low. As of now, the children’s clothing has not yet had exceeded billions of brands, and Barabara is very close, and the 10 billion revenues are also ambitious. So in order to meet this ambition, what efforts have been done in Barabara?

Close to chase children out of service trend

In the past five years of development, the growth rate of small children’s clothing is significantly higher than that of other categories and industry, and even there is a trend of uplink. Due to the weak body of 0-3 years old, the physical tolerance is weak, and the small children’s clothing for clothing is highly limited to consumption upgrades will maintain high-speed growth in the future. Barabra seizes this trend, not only widened the product line in its own brand, but also accelerates the development of Mini Balabala, the main child is out of service.

National style boom, plus hin

In addition, Barabra de kerly observed and rapid action is also reflected in the plus children’s Hanfu. In recent years, with traditional cultural rejuvenation and national wind booms, Hanfu returned to the public sight. It is estimated that, at present, the consumer group in Hanfu market has exceeded 2 million, and the total size of the industry is approximately 1.09 billion yuan. Wang Jiawen, president of the Hanfu Cultural Committee, Hanfu Culture Committee, said in the interview with the media that the number of global Hanfu cultural communities in 2017 is more than 1,300. In 2019, it has reached more than 2,000, and the growth of 46% in two years. So in the second half of this year, Barabala took advantage of the east wind of Hanfu, and launched a child Hanfu clothing in Tmall flagship store.

High-end international layout

Brabara brand was founded in 2002, which was originally to make up for the main brand vacancy. Later, with the high development of the children’s clothing industry, Barabara achieved corner overtakes with high cost performance, high-quality value, gradually surpassing the main business, and became the main business Revenue brands, the entire children’s wear industry is also sitting in the first throne.

With the changes in national consumption trends, the development of the children’s clothing industry, Barabara realizes the importance of product upgrading and global layout, so Sen Ma Group has accelerated global footsteps on high-end children’s clothing business layout. In the past two years, domestic enterprises rely on political and economic advantages and lay out. On October 3, 2018, Sen Ma Group successfully received 100% equity, charge price of 110 million euros held by the Kidiliz Group, and Sen Ma also became the world’s second largest children’s clothing company.

Barrabala breaks through the key points of billions of revenues

Senma Group takes a variety of product lines parallel, multi-brand operations, and all-channel coverage of business forms, there is a certain drawback, the main secondary brand is unclear, only distinguished in the e-commerce platform, but in the information Today, the actual significance is not obvious today, the practical significance is not obvious. Barabara’s high-level operation mode of the main secondary brand will inevitably cause the mutual influence between the brand and compete with each other, and finally cause the main brand (Barabara).

Barabara is the only child’s clothing brand with hope to break the billion, and given the extremely dispersed in my country’s children’s clothing market, the above invisible problem has not been built. But in the future, Barabara has breaking through its own, breaking through 10 billion, and even achieving higher goals, but also requires more secure and comprehensive development strategies.

For multi-brand strategy, Barabaá needs to re-compliance, and still use the Barabra brand to occupy a medium and high-end market, and gradually merge with the current channel resources of homemade macales and dreams.

For the current blank high-end and low-end markets in Barabala, in the low-end market, the group does not recommend the layout, competing with many three-line brands, and the Taobao brand. In the high-end market, it is recommended to acquire or proxy mature brands in a faster way, realizing the fast coverage of brand and products, ultimately achieving the efficiency and maximization of group resources. As far as it is, Barabara has acquired European high-end brands to take the first step to the high-end route.

In the channel layout, the high-density area coverage is to achieve high-density zone to achieve scale influence.

For different levels of urban, the differential layout is implemented in a second-line city; in the third four-tie city, it is mainly in the opening of the big store, and the brand image is conveyed to consumers. It has established brand influence; online platform should be comprehensive e-commerce and Vertical e-commerce develops together to increase the brand multiple target people.


In the expansion of Barabara, the recommptation of multi-brand strategy, the brand layout of the blank market and the market, and the channel layout of the online terminal and the online e-commerce platform will be very likely to become Barabara in breaking through the billion camp. Important profit growth points.

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