When a high-quality diesel generator set, when configuring the generator set, the main use of the customer’s specific use and the post-development of the customer, the main part of the diesel generator set; the selection of the unit power machine, the use of generator power segment, and diesel The overall sound insulation and noise reduction of the generator set, after-sales maintenance and repair; will conduct a comprehensive analysis, which gives which one should be used by the generator set;

Weiculate diesel generator

1000KW generator set

Weichai diesel generator unit is divided into two types: high-quality manufacturers will use Weichai shares authentic Weichai engine, as the main output power supply of the unit; the inferior generator sets will choose the engine produced by Weifang Diesel Engine Manufacturers. It can also be called Weifang Diesel Engine, referred to as Weichai Engine;

Authentic Weiculate diesel generator sets is very representative in the generator set industry, and the unit has the advantages of low power consumption, compact structure, strong durability, and smooth operation. The main body of the diesel generator unit is composed of a diesel engine and a generator, and the generator is partially referred to as a cell. The generator can be divided into two kinds as needed to maintain / replace the carbon brush, one is a brush motor.

The price of Weichai generator group brushless motor is more expensive than the brush motor, and if the unit will generate an ammagnet, it is necessary to charge the unit. Generally, it is necessary for two people to cooperate. There are two ways: if there is a excitation button, press the excitation button; if no excitation button is not allowed to be magnetized with the battery.

Weiculate diesel generator

Weichai 200KW diesel generator set

Method steps on which the battery is used to charge:

1. The positive and negative poles of the battery is passed by 2 lines, open the generator to control the circuit board protective shell, and activate the generator.

2. Positive and negative poles to the generator control board of F + F-, the time is generally not more than 1 second.

3. Remove the battery line in time after the voltage is established.

4, the magnetization is complete, check the voltage and frequency.

It should be noted that it cannot be loaded before the generator is complete, and the check is normal.

When the three-phase generator is magnetically implanted, the charging voltage is preferably charged with a battery with a battery. Another is an automatic excitation and pressing the corresponding button. If the Yuchai generator sets do not understand the problem during the fermentation, please consult the manufacturer.

Weiculate diesel generator

Weichai diesel generator set

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